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Re: Good friday song - sogadeenan .....CORRECTION

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  • Dn. Bennet Kuriakose
    Dear Mr. Santhosh John it is Sogadeenan LaSleebok d beh ho Furkono l Nafshothan v Am Gayoso O mreenan Msheeho Ethdakrayn mo dothe Ath in Christ Dn. Bennet
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2010
      Dear Mr. Santhosh John
      it is
      "Sogadeenan LaSleebok d'beh ho Furkono l' Nafshothan
      v'Am Gayoso O'mreenan Msheeho Ethdakrayn mo dothe Ath"

      in Christ
      Dn. Bennet Kuriakose
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