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Re: Visit of H.H. Aram I to Malankara

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  • Robin J. Mani
    Recently I had sent come comments to IOC forum, regarding the recent visit of Aram I. The original author of the message had some choice suggestions/directives
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2010
      Recently I had sent come comments to IOC forum, regarding the recent visit of Aram I. The original author of the message had some choice suggestions/directives to H.H. Aram I about solving the Church issues. I had a few comments on his suggestions. The probability that my message will ever come to light is highly unlikely and because it reveals the true nature of the IOC. The message can be found at this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IndianOrthodox/message/26107. I will also attach my comments to his message:

      Dear Dr. Vinu Thomas,

      I wanted to express a few points regarding your writing about the recent visit of H.H. Aram I. Let me begin by expressing my joy over the decision by H.H to mediate between the two factions and hope the dialogs between leaders will be fruitful and bring peace and harmony to the Malankara Church.

      You had mentioned a "laundry list of accusations/demands" that you hope H.H. would level against the "Puthencruz Society Association Faction". Let us pray and hope that H.H. would not take such a partisan position but rather play an unbiased mediator's role such that would yield fruitful actions to bring about peace and stability to both factions.

      Your first point "Allow Bishops and Priests from the Orthodox Church to bury their deceased kith and kin in respective parishes which is a very basic Christian sagaciousness and understanding."

      The lack of civility in the burial of the departed is missing on both factions. I have seen unnecessary hostility on both sides, which is rather depressing and disrespectful to the departed souls. Understanding during these dreadful times can alleviate undo pain and suffering to the family of the departed, but both factions must take the lead.

      Secondly, your comment "It is indeed Christian and brotherly ,as always, by Orthodox Church that Puthencruz Society Bishops have been given 'a chance to meet with' its most honorable guest HH Aram I unlike HB Thomas I 's attitude of 'not allowing HH The Patriarch of Antioch' to meet with his counterpart in Devalokam though HH The Patriarch very much heartily longed to."

      During both recent apostolic visits of H.H. to Malankara the" 1934 Constitution Devalokam Society Faction" appealed to the government of India to revoke Patriarchese Bava's visa and then when that did not work, the leadership went to court to block the visit of H.H to certain Jacobite Churches. Now, where is the "Christian and brotherly" in the aforementioned episode. Our church does not needlessly go to court to stop the visits of Church dignitaries, we have that much common decency. So, I ask once more when should our Church of asked the 1934 Constitution Devalokam Society Faction to visit our Patiarchese Bava before or after your leaders file the cases and try to revoke the visas of our Patriarchese Bava? Now, I am sure you probably already formulated some defense, to which I can only say God help you. The validity of the statement that Bava Thirumeni wanted to see your leadership is also very much in question, but even if they did, your leadership's attitude toward Bava Thirumeni even before H.H. touched down in Kerala is more than enough reason to deny any such dialogue.

      Finally, your comment "by a group of selfish Bishophood seekers, has brought much damage to the Church and its image."

      I must say you have some nerve to brand Our Bishops as Bishop-hood seekers after the stories that surfaced about your recent Episcopal elections and the candidates. These stories were reported by your own church media. You may think that all the candidates are "selected" but the truth is known to one and all, they simply ran an election indirectly. Money, sabotage, etc were the hallmarks of your election. Even if that is not enough your so called screening committee, go check out the accusations leveled against them by your own church media groups. They lined their pockets well, during this process. Enough said.

      By the way, I referred to both Churches according to the nomenclature you applied in your last post. I assume you feel comfort in titling churches after their association and the area that their headquarters are located, rather strange, but expected. Your own priest during the ecumenical conference for H.H. Aram I called our Church the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, I would assume a person of your educational level would apply the same respect when referring to other churches.

      Yours in Christ,
      Robin J. Mani
      St. Paul's SOC, Philadelphia
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