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Men Loved Darkness rather than Light, that is Condemnation, Jn 3: 19

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  • Fr. John K.K
    Men Loved Darkness rather than Light, that is Condemnation, Jn 3: 19 Part 2 Ever since, Satan and his demons consistently engage in perilous warfare with God
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2002
      Men Loved Darkness rather than Light, that is Condemnation, Jn 3: 19
      Part 2

      Ever since, Satan and his demons consistently engage in perilous
      warfare with God using man as his tool. He is diabolic, that is, he
      pretends as angle of light while he is not, 2 Cor 11:14. He falsely
      assures life while he cannot but lead to death. He inflicts evil,
      accuses and slanders the faithful, Zech 3: 1-2, Jd 9. He opposes God
      and His people. He is enemy of peace, goodwill, righteousness, mercy,
      love, compassion, morality and concord. He is prince of evil, hatred,
      dissension and disunity. He is the great adversary, liar and
      murderer. He does not stand for truth because no truth in him, Jn 8:
      44. He identifies people's weakness and exploits it. He tempted Eve
      and succeeded and brought shame, pain, suffering, sickness, death,
      decay, and judgment upon mankind. He brought enmity between man and
      God. Thus powerful, he claimed ownership of the whole world, Jn 12:
      31, Mt 4: 9. He tempted Jesus when He was hungry after 40 days'
      fasting but failed. He used Peter to dissuade Jesus from passion and
      Jesus rebuked him. Satan entered into Judas' heart to betray Jesus.
      He tried to sift Peter like wheat, Lk 22:31. He filled Ananias' heart
      with deceit. He tries to remove Word or God from people's heart, Mt
      13:19. He is ferocious and like roaring lion devours faithful, 1 Pe
      5: 8. He flees away upon resisting, Jas 4: 7. He brought loss and
      afflictions upon Job. He often appears before God, gives account of
      his activities and challenges God, Job 1:6. He disguises as angel of
      light, 2 Cor 11:14.

      One who creates, persists and live in rivalry, schism, dissension,
      immorality, etc, who is unrighteous, who does not love brother and
      who opposes sons of God is devil, 1 Jn 3:10. Jesus meant the same
      when he called the Jews the sons of devil, Jn 8:44. After expriy of
      time granted, God will subdue and cast Satan and his followers into
      eternal fire, Mt 25:41.

      Having described the qualities of both angels of God and of devils it
      is easy to identify who belong to whom. For, "Tree is known by its
      fruits. Good tree bears good fruits and bad tree bears bad fruits. We
      cannot gather grapes from thorn-bush or figs from thistles" Mt 7:16-
      19. Those who are attracted to and by truth are the ever-glowing
      witnesses of truth. Truth does not engage in propaganda to gather
      people to its side. Many whose only cherished goal is to destroy by
      hook or by crook truth and it's defenders are caught up in falsity.
      Despite convincing truth, certain people are determined to their own
      perdition to pursue pervasive course and persist in dishonesty to
      defeat truth. This is the pitiable plight of moral bankrupts.
      Aversion to admit and repent the mistakes, inability to acknowledge
      other's goodness, jealousy, ignorance, pride, love of flattery, lust
      for authority, deceitful intent, immorality, wickedness, arrogance,
      slander, rebellion, etc are dangerous characteristics of Satan. Are
      these not rampant in the Church these days?

      Truth will be at stake in a society devoid of moral compass and when
      deception and selfish vendetta rule the roost of social fabric and
      when people of nefarious qualities occupy rank and file. They deny
      the truth, distance themselves from light and choose Satan's ways.
      What is truth? God is truth and light is God so light is truth.
      Pilate asked this question but he did not show patience to seek
      reply. Egocentric people deliberately opt to live in darkness and
      resist truth for fear of their hidden intentions being exposed. But
      truth will resurrect one day when their position will be at risk.
      That is the groaning of a decadent society.

      Malayalam Pathram dt. Dec. 6, 2000 reported one incident that took
      place before 35 years. That sensational news rocked every nook and
      corner of Kerala. Mariakutty, a woman was murdered on June 15, 1966
      at the wayside of a village called Madatharuvi. Within days police
      indicted Fr. Benedict Onamkulam, a Roman Catholic priest as culprit.
      Quilon session's court tried him. People passionately read and
      discussed the daily proceedings as appeared in the news. The accused
      priest was dumb-found throughout the proceedings. Overwhelming
      witnesses and evidences went against him. He had no defense. Learned
      judge Kunjuramn Vaidiar declared on the basis of evidences adduced
      having satisfied beyond reasonable doubts that Fr. Benedict was
      guilty of murder, convicted and awarded "death by hanging" sentence.
      He appealed to High Court hiring the most famous and highest paid
      advocate Charry from Delhi. The High Court found him innocent and
      acquitted him. Though the court exonerated him the public never did.
      They alleged that influence and money purchased the new verdict only
      to shield a priest and to uphold credence of the church. Truly, I too
      held that view. Respecting social sentiments, Fr. Benedict withdrew
      from active duties, lived despised, discarded and dejected like a
      social refuse that made him a wreck. Entertainment industry
      capitalized and immortalized the episode into a movie. After so long,
      another side of the story unfolded in Dec 2000. Two young men visited
      the ailing Fr. Benedict, explained true incident, implored mercy and
      absolution. They confessed that their family is torn with tragedies,
      mishaps, pestilences and loss because of the curse their father
      brought upon them by falsely inflecting Fr. Benedict. They said they
      would return to their home only after Fr. Benedict absolved their
      father's sin. Now the society is convinced about the innocence of the
      priest and he stands truly vindicated and exonerated in the eye of
      the society.

      contd... Part 3
      Fr. John. K.K
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