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  • Dipu George
    Shlomo, Witnessing various falsehoods written in both the forums by misguided people I felt it logical enough to reproduce the true version of the Church
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2002

      Witnessing various falsehoods written in both the forums by misguided
      people I felt it logical enough to reproduce the true version of the
      Church History written by none other than the most Rev Malankara
      Malpan Dr Kanyamparambil Achen.

      I humbly implore this forum to kindly reproduce the article as it is,
      so that the faithful could have a clear view about the happenings in
      this church for the past 100 years. This article starts from page 173
      of the book. However only select but important portions (relevant in
      this context) have been written along with my very small observations
      in the spare time I could afford because of my busy schedule.
      I do not know if this book is available anymore but I sincerely
      exhort every faithful to try to get at least a copy of it.

      Aloho Ahmuch ………….

      Dipu George


      PART 44

      Page 242

      His Beatitude Mor Baselios Paulose II on his return to Malankara was
      accorded grand reception in Kuwait and Bombay. The unprecedented
      reception at Moovatupuzha testified to the World, how loyal and
      obedient are the members of the Malankara Church to a Catholicos,
      Validly consecrated by the Patriarch.

      The Susthathikon was publicly read and Oxios befitting the Catholicos
      was sung.
      The Catholicos' memorable speech on the occasion showed the public,
      how a Catholicos should respect the Holy See of Antioch.
      His Beatitude said;" His Holiness The Patriarch is the Supreme Head
      of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, a fact admitted by all
      Orthodox Churches; and for us that is a dogma too; His Holiness, The
      Patriarch , The Supreme Head is seated on the Apostolic Throne of
      Antioch, founded by St Peter, the Head of the Apostles. St Peter's
      supremacy and authority to represent our Lord, in the church is
      unquestionable- could anybody say that they have communion with
      Christ, without communion with the Holy See from where it diffused
      the priesthood conferred by our Lord? Since the continuance of
      priesthood is essential for spiritual growth and eternal salvation
      and since the submission of the Malankara Church with Antioch has
      been a historical fact attested Historically and Canonically. Our
      forefathers and we stood firm withstanding hardships and even
      persecutions to preserve the purity of priesthood, emanating from the
      Throne of St Peter. Legal Courts too have unequivocally expressed the
      fact of the Supremacy of the Holy See over the Malankara Syrian
      Orthodox Church. Our forefathers and the saintly spiritual Fathers,
      sent for our succor by the Holy See suffered much to maintain this
      unbroken connection."

      HB Paulose II further continued; " The Patriarch is Supreme in Syrian
      Hierarchy. Neither Metrapolitans , nor even the Catholicos are equal
      to him nor can they administer their duties without explicit
      obedience to the Patriarch. The Holy Father command and the others
      His Beatitude warned the faithful never to revolt against the
      spiritual authorities and quoted the oath of subordination made by
      Maor Augen Baselios and described his gradual retracing from the Holy
      Oath, and vainly professing that he was equal to the Patriarch and
      the latter had no authority over the Malankara Church; and the Church
      were entirely two different Churches, that there was only a bond of
      friendship between them and nothing more! and that he was seated on
      the Throne of St Thomas, in the same way as the Patriarch was on the
      Throne of St Peter. His Beatitude regretted the unchristian refusal
      of Mor Augen Catholicos and his partisans of the paternal exhortation
      of the Holy Father.

      After mentioning about the Universal Synod of 1975, HB the Catholicos
      " As for the unanimous decision of our spiritual Fathers the Holy
      Father has kindly consecrated our humble self, Canonically as the
      Catholicos of the East under the jurisdiction of the Holy See of
      Antioch and all the East; on 7th September 1975 and has empowered Us
      through the Susthathikon for administration and has sent Us to your
      midst. His Holiness has further appointed metropolitans for the
      dioceses in consultation with Us and respecting the requests of our
      clergy and laity".
      The bewildered Devalokam tried their best to check the onward march
      of the Malankara church but in vain.

      Note: Were the words of the present Devalokam Catholicos anywhere
      near to what we have seen above? No! Rather he tried to equate
      himself to the Patriarch stubbornly even now!! I humbly implore the
      metran kakshis who have direct access to their Catholicos and asked
      him eye to eye if he can deny that he was one of those responsible
      for the split in the Malankara Church!
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