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Men Loved Darkness rather than Light, that is Condemnation, Jn 3: 19

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  • Fr. John K.K
    Men Loved Darkness rather than Light, that is Condemnation, Jn 3: 19 Part 1 And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, men loved
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2002
      Men Loved Darkness rather than Light, that is Condemnation, Jn 3: 19
      Part 1

      "And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the
      world, men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were
      evil," John 3:19.

      We need hardly emphasis how essential is light for sustenance and
      growth of life. Light is agent of heat and energy, which is basis of
      existence and center of all activities. Life exists because light
      exists. Nothing else is more adorable, attractive, conducive or
      pleasant than light to human mind. We need light to enjoy the awe and
      wonder of creation, heart rendering and endless horizon, splendor of
      colors, flowers, evergreen mountains, streams and pasturelands,
      ineffable and inexorable beauty of nature that fascinates and
      captivates everyone's imagination and intellect. All living beings
      are glad and agile at daybreak. God designed the day for creative
      activities and the night for resting from the labors of the day.
      Worth of light becomes evident only in the absence of light. Certain
      people are afraid to sleep without light! All living beings,
      especially human, have inseparably intimate relationship with light.
      Light is a reality and darkness is simply the absence of light and
      hence unreal and yet, man is afraid and hates it. Man's ineffable
      affinity towards light made him consider it superior and worshiped
      Sun, Moon, and stars as gods. Man from primordial times learned to
      distinguish light from darkness and to relate it to his own qualities
      and survival. Man attributed that were life, good, beneficial,
      positive, etc to light and death, evil, destruction, etc to darkness.
      He deified light and compared it to God and darkness to Satan as

      Man also conceived and taught though differently in many ways that
      light and darkness are in constant struggle from the beginning with
      is Dualism, a dominant philosophy in ancient Near East. Dead Sea
      Scrolls extensively deal with struggle between good and evil called
      Jihad or holy wars between Sons of light and Sons of darkness which
      belief was dearly held by pre-Christian Qumran society. Zoroastrian
      literatures, Arabian Nights tales, etc are replete with resplendent
      similar narratives. Muslims considered the Crusades in the 13th
      century as Jihad.

      Judeo-Christians believed that God created light. Light was seen as
      embodiment of God-creativity and darkness, opposite of light as
      embodiment of Satan-destruction. In the chronology of creation, light
      is second only to heaven and earth, which attests man's unequivocal
      recognition of light as basic element for survival and growth. Light
      symbolizes life, prosperity, moral good,
      God's saving power, glory and hope that mankind has in God and also
      God Himself. Ps 27:1, Is 10:17. He gives vision and revelation, Ps19:
      9, Is 51:4.

      Apostle John says that light is life. "With thee is the fountain of
      life, in thy light we shall see light" Psalm 36:9. The Redeemer is
      the light of the nations, Is 42: 6, 49: 6. Our Redeemer said, "I am
      the light of the world" Jn 8:12. Jesus Christ is Uncreated, Sun of
      righteousness who gives light of life to all creations. One who
      follows Him transforms as light that shines so that others could see.
      Jesus said, "You are the light of the world," Mt 5:14. The follower
      does not self-illuminate but receives radiance from Jesus Christ, the
      self-illuminating light. Life of faith relies on the divine light.
      Light emits heat and even so the faithful ought to shine as lights in
      a world of perversions, by good words and deeds. "You may become
      blameless and harmless children of God without fault in the midst of
      a crooked and perverse generation among whom you shine as lights in
      the world," Phil 2: 15. St. Peter further expounds that a faithful is
      the one called out of darkness to his marvelous light to proclaim
      praises of Him, 1Pe 2: 10.

      The great travesty is that not being conscious of the calling many
      still live in darkness. Satan is the Lord of darkness. Satan, also
      called devil, demon, etc are angles who lost their first estate due
      to pride and revolt against God, Jd 6, 2 Pe 2:4. Their fall was
      spontaneous, Is 14:12-13. Apocryphal versions say that Archangel
      Michael expelled them from heaven because they refused to adore man.
      Beauty and brightness lifted up his heart against God which iniquity
      caused fall, Ezk 28:17. They are malicious spirits awaiting judgment.
      Satan is thus self-evolved state of being. Satan and his allies being
      unable to repent are condemned for eternal damnation.

      contd. Part 2
      Fr. John K.K
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