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Answer to JM PAUL - The Pope is the first among Patriarchs....

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  • Dn. Aniss Sowmy
    The Pope is the first among Patriarchs.... While we discuss here about leadership or elderness or the primacy, let us understand some real facts of real
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2010
      The Pope is the first among Patriarchs....

      While we discuss here about leadership or elderness or the primacy, let us understand some real facts of real history:

      There is no historical proof that the Apostle Peter was in Rome.

      A chair that tradicionally was said to be used by Peter in Rome and was in the Vatican was declared as false by the Pope John XXIII.

      Historians already proved that the Turim Sudary (SUDORO in Aramaic language) is not of the time of Christ.

      And great emperor Constantine in History is proved to have assassinated his family and only accepted being baptized when he was already in bed dying.

      Constantine liberated the Christian religion due to the fact that Christians were pacific people that payed their taxes and didn't cause problems for the emperor.

      Now as an economist, I tell you that Constantine built Constantinopolis due to economical results, he would be instaled nearer to the places were riches were produced, and that was Asia Minor, Middle East and also in someway nearer to the cultural center of his empire.

      Please don't forget that in the first Council, i.e. Niceia, only two priest from the Roman Church were present. And all discussions and dogmas were performed by Oriental Clergymen from Alexandria and Antioch - there were no Indians or other Europeans.

      Also the Byzantine Cathedra or Constantinopolis, was not yet organized cause the city didn't exist totally or its establishment begins with Constantine.

      In the Council of Constantinopolis (381 AD) five patriachs were declared basilars of Christianity:

      Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Rome and Constantinopolis.

      As for your admirable cruzaders, they only destroyed the Midle East and the Holy Land, sack, steal, and raved the lands. Do you know how many miserables, knights, soldiers and princes entered the cruzades only for sacking, and do you know how many goods that exist in Europe in Museums or riches declared of the kings and nobles were stollen from the Middle East?

      Great western Richard Lion's Heart, the King of England, and his cruzaders were forced to sign an agreement with the kurd Saladin, permiting at least the Christians Pilgrims visit the Holy Land, because they wont support ánymore the war with Saladin.

      And do you know that Saladin, declared Jerusalem a Holy Land for Jews, Christians and Muslims? and also he built a small Synagoge for the Jews on or near the wall of the temple, and that the Jews themselves destroyed this small Synagoge cause Saladin was infidel for them?

      During the end of the 19th Century and the begining of the 20th Century, our Assyrian Communities, where involved by the English empire under promise that they would have a small land called Assuristan, where Christian Assyrians, Syrian Christians, Orthodox or Catholic and even Protestants would have their rights respected, the English Empire called those Assyrians as our Smallest Allies; and then, when the English empire decided that would work with Ataturk in Turkey, Winston Churchill abandoned our people and said that they should have their rights with the new governors of the Middle East, and our people where massacrated, my father Abrohom and his brother Rev. Peter Sowmy where the only survivers of a family of more than 60 persons, they and many others where abandoned as for example also my mothers family, Haddodo, all men and children were killed by axe in front of my grand-grandmother so that she would abandon Cristianism and turn to be muslim.

      Sorry, Mr. JM Paul, you read the great books of the western people, but before western civilization existed a really great history of humanity, where the king of Ninive, yes, Assyrian, accepted the profecy of Jonah, and made all his people repent and live. There existed also the Assyrian king of Edessa that accepted Christ yet in life.

      The great discovery of the library of Assurbanipal, The epic of Gilgamesh, the sudies of Chaldeans, Babylonians, Arameans and why not also Egyptians, those civilizations were the fountain of knowledge for the west people, Greek and Romans, and finally, let us not forget the great names of the Christian monofisist (syrian orthodox) and Nestorians like Hunain Ibn Musa and Kusta ibn Luka of the aristotelic studies from Aramaic to the arabic language or the studies and translations of the Syrian orthodox doctor (medicine) Aaron in the early development of the arabic expansion in the Midle East.

      Today, these Assyrians are divided in small communities that survived due to their faith and hope in our Saviour Jesus Christ.

      Please remember, the Apostle Thomas alone could not preach and create a Christian community like this that exists in India; remember that when Vasco da Gama the Portuguese, wanted to reach India he contracted a Phoenician Christian pilot for his ship and when he reached India he registered that he saw people using crosses!!! Its not Roman Catholic preaching.

      When Paul established the Church he began preaching to the Jews in different points in Asia Minor and he was persecuted by the rich jews till they fulfiled their aim kiling him Rome. So he preached to other people and those other people established first Christianism in the World.

      As for you and many others, I do as my father Abrohom GAbriel Sowmy, first deacon, historian, poet, literary man, civil engenier and architech taught me, pray for those who lift themselves and their voices against the truth so that God Almighty will iluminate them.

      The truth is to understand the reality of facts, to observe, analyse, understand, and teach.

      Perhaps my knowledge is not complete in history, but who said that ignorance is a bless?

      I considere myself blessed by God due to the fact to be born of a good family and created my sons in the teaching of our Church.

      I seek permanetly knowledge, cause I know nothing, and thus I will not returne to this discussing point.

      While we discuss the chiefs of the churches according to their knowledge and interest sign agreements and call them ecumenical documents.

      It would be more worthy to preach the Word of God, the Love of Christ the Saviour and the intercession of the Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary.

      Respectfull and humbly
      Aniss Sowmy
      Evangelist Deacon of the
      Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch

      Please a Deacon must not be caller reverend cause he is not a priest.
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