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Re: Peace treaty

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  • Alex Jojo Joseph
    Dear Elias, Thanks a lot for the suggestion and I will keep the same in mind. But I don t know any method to understand what is about to come in tomorrow s tv
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2002
      Dear Elias,

      Thanks a lot for the suggestion and I will keep the same in mind.

      But I don't know any method to understand what is about to come in
      tomorrow's tv news and then to switch it off or change the
      channel.Anyway, will be cautious in days to come.

      About the beautiful usage "psycological slavery"...as far as I
      know,Jesus also lived outside India..christ's followers were first
      called 'christians' at some place.....Acts suggest it as an Arab
      destination only...So what do you call yourself..who is
      psycologically..and emotionally..self-contained and superior

      All ,

      Down through the years we had enough trouble.People like me were not
      even born when we had days of major hardships.Most of those,I had to
      read from publications or were word of mouth from my parents.But
      now,we are in the headlines all these days.All other sects are making
      fun of us.Eg.Hello Kerala programme by Asianet yesterday(27th
      Dec)..Kerala Kaumudi etc.

      Many churches in south..down from Kottayam onwards had problems
      earlier adn through these years.We lost quite a lot of old churches
      and there were days of tears for our ancestors who had to leave from
      the home parish to safeguard our true faith.I have witnessed problems
      for funerals from my childhood onwards.Those problems didn't get much
      attention from all parts of the state (as on today) then and we were
      the losers as we were not so united then.

      Now,maybe because of the tore-apart team,problems still stand on our
      way..and all of us realized the need to stand united for the word of
      our faith.Its interesting to note that all problems and claims raised
      now are in our churches (where we have clear majority) and life is
      same as earlier in their churches.Why there is no issues in south
      churches where they have majority?And why they even claim right on
      our newly built churches here which were built after our grandfathers
      had to leave their home church?Only reason is that our leaders always
      taught us to compromise.We were ready of that in a desperate desire
      for peace.Now with our Bava thirumeni and all of our true and eminent
      thirumeni's in front,we should settle this deal this time for ever
      and ever.Let us all keep in heart that whatever decisions/compromise
      made at the end should assure atleast one thing in black and
      white..that we will never again have to face any problem from
      them.Hope that the newyear keep this promise in store for all of us.

      Wish you all a great year ahead.May all your hopes , dreams and
      wishes be realized in the coming year.


      Koduvasseril, Thiruvalla

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Elias wrote:
      > Dear Jojo,
      > You should not watch anything you think not nice. We can
      > understand if our people have psychological slavery to Europians.
      > However it is hard to understand some people have this kind of
      > slavery to Arabs also.
      > Elias
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