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  • Dipu George
    Shlomo, Witnessing various falsehoods written in both the forums by misguided people I felt it logical enough to reproduce the true version of the Church
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      Witnessing various falsehoods written in both the forums by misguided
      people I felt it logical enough to reproduce the true version of the
      Church History written by none other than the most Rev Malankara
      Malpan Dr Kanyamparambil Achen.

      I humbly implore this forum to kindly reproduce the article as it is,
      so that the faithful could have a clear view about the happenings in
      this church for the past 100 years. This article starts from page 173
      of the book. However only select but important portions (relevant in
      this context) have been written along with my very small observations
      in the spare time I could afford because of my busy schedule.
      I do not know if this book is available anymore but I sincerely
      exhort every faithful to try to get at least a copy of it.

      Aloho Ahmuch ………….

      Dipu George


      PART 41

      Page 238

      Catholicos suspended

      Through the Kalpana no 15/75 of 10th January 1975, the Holy Father
      suspended the Catholicos from administering the duties of the
      Catholicos. The Catholicos, in reply, said that since his Synod had
      decided that all the prerogatives of the Patriarch over the Malankara
      Church had ceased to function, the Patriarchal order deserved no
      reply, from him!!

      The Universal Synod of 1975

      Continued and discourteous activities of Devalokam widened the gulf
      between them and the situation forced the Patriarch to act.
      Accordingly His Holiness through his encyclical of 11-1-1975
      addressed to all the metrapolitans of the Syrian Orthodox Church
      including the Catholicos and his metropolitans to attend the Synod
      scheduled for 16th June 1975 at Damascus to discuss and take
      decisions regarding the following controversial issues in Malankara;

      1. The Throne of St Thomas
      2. Contention that the Malankara church was Autocephalous
      3. The changes made in the Amologia by the Catholicos
      4. The removal of the words of anathema against the heretics
      5. Filing suits against the metropolitans consecrated by the
      Head of the Church
      6. Statements such as – Patriarch had no right to consecrate
      bishops for Malankara
      7. The Patriarch had lost his prerogatives over the Malankara

      The aged Catholicos (92 years) was forced to send a complete
      refutation at the instance of the fanatical section, as had been the
      case always.*(Life of Mor Augen Catholicos,P.99)
      The reply was certainly provocative. It stated that the Patriarch was
      acting in contravention to his rights and powers and that any action
      taken by him would be null and void and there exists no Universal
      Syrian Orthodox Church nor has it a Synod, and even if there exists
      something of that kind, the Malankara Synod has no obligation to
      attend the same. The reply was forwarded to the Patriarch by the
      secretary of the Synod (attended by 7 bishops only and in the absence
      of the Catholicos).
      Further, in spite of court injunction, the five candidates said to
      have been elected at Niranam were consecrated on 16-2-75. Through his
      order of 4.4.75 the Patriarch suspended also the bishops who took
      part in the unauthorized consecration. The Holy Father through and
      Encyclical informed the Malankara Church the actions taken so far and
      appointed Mor Clemis and Mor Philexinos to administrate Niranam,
      Kollam and Thumpamon dioceses.
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