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Re: Do we need to Discuss it further here??????!!

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  • James Joseph
    Dear What I heard so far about Mr. Eldhose prove that he is a stubborn person who do not want to respect or obey his diocesan bishop. The IOC websites posted
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      What I heard so far about Mr. Eldhose prove that he is a stubborn person who do not want to respect or obey his diocesan bishop. The IOC websites posted his letter to Patriarch, which shows that he is willing to accept any bishop Patriarch appoint, except Mor Coorilose (thanks to IOC to expose his true color)! How can a priest say this? As far as I know, when some one receives ordination, he agrees to obey the diocesan bishop appointed by Patriarch and no one agrees with a clause that he would accept only those he likes! In an Episcopal setting, church will have discipline only if laymen respect priests, priest respect bishop, bishop respect Catholicose, Catholicose respect Patriarch, who is the supreme spiritual authority in the church. Bishop is a representative of the Catholicose / Patriarch in that diocese. So if a priest does not obey the bishop, he is indirectly not obeying Catholicose/Patriarch.

      Instead of obeying the bishop and updating the website of the church with the current diocesan bishop's info, Mr. Eldhose tried to gossip against the bishop through the net and emails and made up stories that bishop wanted his photo on the net. Anyone in the church knows that Mor Coorilose has a lot of pictures on different websites already and HG is not so particular about having a picture on that particular website! When he got the suspension letter from Patriarch
      and bishop, he continued offering H. Qurbana. His argument was that he never received the letter in hand, which I assume he is still saying same thing (it doesn’t make any sense why he joined Musa before getting a suspension letter)! Even the IOC founder Vattasseril, did not conduct Qurbana once he got suspension from the Patriarch, as per my knowledge. The problem with Mr. Eldhos is that he has some supporters who received help from him and are obliged to
      him. Most of them are innocent and do not realize that their mother church is more important to them than Mr. Eldhose is. If he had just joined Musa without receiving ordination, I would have thought that he joined Musa for no personal benefit. But his action proves otherwise.

      From the actions of Mr. Eldhose, it is clear that he was looking into getting some recognition as a corepiscopo title. Definitely he has done a good job organizing the churches in UK and Europe. But looks like he did every thing just for the sake of recognition and publicity, time has proved that. I would say it was too early for him to be ordained a corepiscopa in SOC just for organizing the churches there. As recognition, he was given a ‘kurishu mala’ by the Catholicose for his contribution to the church. So it is not that, he is not recognized by SOC at all, rather he wanted more recognition in the form of so called ‘corepiscopa’ title right now! He doesn’t recognize that this title is now-a-days given only to priest who are aged enough (there are exceptions of course). I heard in some dioceses like outside Kerala it has made mandatory that the priest should be at least the age of 65 to receive corepiscopa title.
      Unlike the olden days where Corepiscopo had spiritual power, this has become only a honorary title now-a-days, for their long term contribution to the church, which in my opinion is too early for Mr. Eldhose. More over, we should be working for the glory of God and the recognition from God only, not for the recognition by Catholicose or
      Patriarch when working for church and organizing churches. If he was sincere in what he was doing, he would not have joined the excommunicated group, instead would have stayed in SOC, irrespective of what Catholicose or Patriarch says, because SOC and our faith is more important than anything else like recognition/awards or even suspension from the administration! Those who have left SOC after their suspension prove that it was their personal gain which is more important to them than their own faith and the mother church. No Patriarch or Catholicose could have made Mr. Eldhose join the IOC born ‘wandering bishop’ Musa Gurgan, if Mr. Eldhose was 100% sincere in what he did (working for the church). So he definitely was not working for the glory of SOC, rather for his own fame and recognitions. I have heard the story of a priest who remained in church without entering the altar after getting suspension from the bishop. He was the best example of a true priest in our church who handled the suspension. After seeing his sincerity and obedience, bishop removed the suspension after about seven months. Suspension
      is a part of church administration to enforce discipline in the church and this shouldn’t be taken as revenge by the community who supports the priest or bishop. In the 2000 years of our history, many Eldhoses, and Gurgans have born in our church and have faced suspension as part of disciplinary action and I am sure that there will be more of these types of personalities in our church in the future as well. SOC will survive in spite of any of these characters by the God's Grace. After all, no one is perfect, and has short comings, but it should be our church which is more important to us! Unlike Roman Catholic church, we do not even believe that our supreme spiritual leader is infallible. So we have to adjust with the personal differences we face in dealing with our higher authority.

      Always remember that it is our church which is more important to us and we have to respect our spiritual leaders irrespective of their personalities.

      James Joseph
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