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Peace treaty

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  • Mathew Pulickaparampil
    The current truce between the two warring factions in the church is obviously unfavourable for the Patriarch side as we are losing several churches.But we have
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2002
      The current truce between the two warring factions in
      the church is obviously unfavourable for the Patriarch
      side as we are losing several churches.But we have to
      console ourselves.God will certainly bless us just
      like He blessed Abraham.See the growth of Marthoma
      church.They were sent without any compensations.Now
      the Marthoma church is one of the richest churches in
      kerala .But in the mother church the fight still
      continues.The Kottayam Catholicose very well knows
      that the existence of the Antiochean church in Kerala
      is a menace for IOC's in all ways.A neautral person
      can very well understand that IOC is a ditto copy of
      the Syrian Orthodox church and their claims are
      unjustifiable.One of my hindu friend recently asked me
      the logic behind claiming the churches where IOC group
      does not have a single follower.When i explained him
      the whole matter he could easily guess the motive.
      Its sure that the Varghese murder and the
      unfavourable court decisions made our prelates to
      surrender several churches as part of the
      agreement.This may prompt the Orthodox faction to go
      for new hunger strike dramas in claim of more
      churches.Their Catholicose in his speech had mentioned
      this crookedly.Congratulating the fasting Methrans he
      said that the determintaion of the Methran's made this
      stike a success and in this path is to be followed in
      future too.It is to be noted that the problem is with
      the Kandanadu and Trichur Dioceses where our own
      Bishops twisted their allegience.Im sure that the
      strike drama is a game of survival for these erstwhile
      patriarch bishops.What a blunder we have committed?we
      trusted them.May God pardon them for their deeds.They
      are making irrecoverable losses to us.Through court
      orders and mediations they may takeover our churches
      in the coming months.
      I think that it would be unfair if the Govt sub
      comitee make the decisions sitting in Kolenchery or
      Kottayam and having talks with the church leaders.Can
      any one point a single favourable decision for us in
      the peace agreement.The agreement was made at the
      fasting place.If the settlement is going to be done in
      this manner the decions will be one sided.The sub
      committee must also visit the disputed churches and
      should talk with the church representatives.Here the
      issue is regarding the churches . The Hon Supreme
      Court has mentioned that the church belongs to the
      parishioners.Then why dont the parish
      representatives(who really represents the parish) also
      be called for the discussions.Our bishops alone should
      not be given the authority to take decisions on our
      churches.We have seen several bishops who cleverly
      trapped us. Regarding the agreement,all the churches
      that were handed over to the Methran faction
      comprises of Patriach followers of sizeable
      majority.Were their interests safe guarded in this
      agreement. If we are in the path of surrendering the
      churches to them with true christian spirit, we
      should atleast make sure that our people in those
      churches gets compensations to build new churches.Its
      sure that using the same church by the both factions
      will hamper the growth of our Church. The Church must
      take initiative to build new churches for our
      people.We could atleast make sure that our people are
      not lost.Lets pray for an amicable settlement.
      Mathew Pulickaparampil
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