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Scattered pearls

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  • V.M.Thomas
    Dear All, This refers to the msg dated 31 Aug 2009 by Very Rev.Dr.Kuriakose Moolayil, about the publication of the Malayalam translation of the book, The
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2009
      Dear All,

      This refers to the msg dated 31 Aug 2009 by Very Rev.Dr.Kuriakose Moolayil, about the publication of the Malayalam translation of the book, "The scattered pearls - History of Syriac literature and sciences".In malayalam the book is titlted 'Chithariya muthukal' and is translated by Mr.Jacob Varghese ,Mannakuzhiyil from the English translation by Dr.Matti Moosa. When I first came across the efforts made, by Mr.Jacob Varghese and achen, back in November 2008, I had written a msg in the forum about the greatness of this book.They have spent almost a year to complete the work. Now I understand that the book is under printing. The publishing is done under the aegis of Adai Study centre run by achen. Ver.Rev Kuriakose Moolayil has published a number of such books and is thus doing a great service to our jacobite community. This book gives a brief history of Syrian orthodox church, its literature and contributions of our holy fathers to it.The original book was written by scholarly Patriarch late lamented Aprem I. Though the Malayalam translation is from English source, I understand, they have taken care to see that the names of our holy fathers are indicated correctly, by comparing it with Syriac translation. The publishing of this book is very expensive and our achen and Adai Study centre require all out help from our community, considering the greatness of this book. This can be in terms of sponsoring the publication/ordering copies in advance etc.Our Moolayil achen can be contacted at mobile no.9446203002 for this.

      There are a few points I would like to high light about the book.

      1. It throws light on Syriac Orthodox church during the period
      from 1st century to 20th century. Due to wars and Muslim persecution, the church has lost a lot of men ,dayaras and records. How ever the author, Aprem bava has taken care to provide as many details as possible in the book,doing extensive research on these matters. It is astonishing to see how bava has collected such information, during a time when communication and transportation was not so well developed as today.

      2.It gives a clear picture on the life of almost 293 holy fathers. When we read about the ascetic life style they led, we realise how blessed is our church.(sthuthichovakkapettathu).

      3.Bava during his life time travelled far and wide to study manuscripts available in various libraries all over the world. Since HH has recorded where they are available etc, if anyone wants to take up theological research they can use this information.

      4.It establishes the greatness of Syriac orthodox church and gives us the credibility as the first church established by St.Peter,which the western churches try to ignore.

      5.The holy fathers,who lead complete ascetic life have studied philosophy, science and theology and written commentaries on new testament and old testament even before the western world came across the same.

      6.Many existing and lost liturgies(thaksas) along with the names of their authors are mentioned.

      7.There is a mention of synods conducted by Patriarchs, cannons made and books written by the great people like Bar Ebraya,Barseleebi etc.

      Considering the above, we all should try to help Achen to get the book
      published as early as possible.

      Member No 906.
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