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Re: Agreement

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  • Alex Jojo Joseph
    Dear Mr.Thomas P, The word agreement is defined by dictionary as harmony of opinion, action, or character . Let me examine those.. 1) Quoting Kottayam
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2002
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      Dear Mr.Thomas P,

      The word 'agreement' is defined by dictionary as 'harmony of opinion,
      action, or character'. Let me examine those..

      1) Quoting Kottayam Catholica in the press meeting telecasted in news
      on 15th of December.." Enikkullathu enikku kittanam" (What is
      (supposed to be) mine, should be given to me..)..In this openion,
      where can we find resemblence with Coptic-Ethiopian approach of
      equality and unity?As a conclusion, let me quote our Bava
      Thirumeni.."Authority of the churches resides with its members and
      let them decide"

      2) So..that is about openion…Now let me see 'action'…Kottayam
      Catholica filed one more urgent petition in a new bench of the High
      Court, to get immediate POLICE PROTECTION TO ENTER the Nine most
      prominent Jacobite Syrian Parishes (news headlines on Dec 10th ). Can
      we see any hopeful sign towards euality and unity in this action?I

      And..character….Sorry that I am not eligible to comment on this

      So, what I feel is, 'split in the middle' can be avoided IF AND ONLY
      IF..harmony can be seen in either opinion or action .

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