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Liturgical Poetry and Prose - Errors, mistakes, wrong pronounciations etc

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  • Vatachal Thomas John
    Respected Moderators, I have been keenly following the messages on Paulose Sleeha Dhanyan Chol and the last one is by Rev Dn Joshy C Abraham in Digest No.3100.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2009
    Respected Moderators,

    I have been keenly following the messages on Paulose Sleeha Dhanyan Chol and the last one is by Rev Dn Joshy C Abraham in Digest No.3100. Now I am obliged to attach a short note on the subject  for being published in the Digest

    V T John 
    ID 3085

    In my humble view there are no mistakes in Paulose Sleeho Dhanyan Chol; but there is kick (thozhi) in the old version as we sing ngalareecha thozhi & chingoruvan. In the new version ningale njangal arreechavayeennethiraayi is better but not fully acceptable. We can very well have it as Njangal arreechathinnethiraayi omitting the word Ningalea.

    2.It is submitted that the stanza starting with velivu niranjoreaazu does not require any emendation but it does require proper punctuation as under:-

    Velivu Niranjoreaazu, Nin Velivaal Kaanunnu-
    Veliveeyatiyaar; akhilaadhaaramathaam veluvum nee

    It may kindly be noted that in English it is “By Thy light we see light” and the Syriac version is “B’nuharo-k hoseaanaan nuhro. Kanunnu veliveeyatiyar is the same as we see light and hosenaan nuhro

    3 When I hear Brz Malko translation as Nin aal s’thuthiyotu raajamakal instead of Ninnal (Ninnu + Aval a true and full rendering of Qo-maas in Syriac which is the feminine form of the simple past of the word stand in Syriac) I am very much grieved. We could have changed the first line of the song as
    Ninnoo s’thuthiyotu raajamakal.

    4. Again we hear Vaaninnutayo-n kayyal instead of Vaaneennutayo-n kayyaal. In Syriac, we have B’eede(h) deMo-raan Meaan Zmaayo meaning vaanilninnu nammute karthaavinte kayyal (from the Heaven by the hands of our Lord). We are unfortunately changing it as B’eede(h) deMore(h) deZmaayo meaning Swargthinte Udayo-n Kayyal (by the hands of the Lord of the Heaven) I would suggest changing it as Vaaneennum Mo-raan Kayyaal

    5. Please see below the correct form of Men…….. and Moryo----

    Meaan O-lam Vaadaammo La-olam Olmeen Ameen
    Moryo Raahem Aalayne Vaadaarayne

    5. The last sentence of Moraan Yeaazu Mzeeha (Njangalute Karthaavaaya Yeaazu Mzeeha) is wrongly said as follows:

    Ninte Maranathaal Njangalute Maranam Maayappetuvaanaayi ninte sneaaham Ninte idathuninnu (sthanathuninnu) njangalute adukkaleaakku ninnea irakkikkontuvannue Nangalutemeaal anugraham (karuna) cheyyenamea.

    It should be changed as follows:-

    Ninte maranathaal nangalute maranam maanjupo-kunnathinaayi ninte sneham ninte sthanathuninnum njanglute adukkaleaakku ninnea irakkikkontuvannuvallo.

    Moryo Raahem Alayne Vadaaraayne (Karthaveaa, Njangalutemeaal Karuna cheyyaname; njangalea sahayikkanamea)

    6. The following is a prayer song sung by us at the time of evening prayer just before Eavangalion (Evagelion)

    Njangalkkay avatheernanathaay naranaytheernue
    Peedakaleaattiha rekshicha Naadhaa Deaveaazaa,
    Eaadanileaakkaadamin Punaragamanam
    Nalkaanaay zapthamathaam bhoovil nee meaavi
    Ninzaraneaa nidrithanaay ninte
    Udhaanam Kaamshikkunnoril
    Kanmashamellaam Neekkanamea,prabhayilcheaarkkanamea

    Here ninte udhaanam means your resurrection; and our departed ones are waiting for the resurrection of Jesus. This is absurd; they are waiting for the (second) coming of Jesus. So the sixth line is to be changed as Ninte aagamanam kamskhikkuunno-rin. Deaaveaaza (meaning the head of the devas viz., deaaveaandran) is to be changed as sarveaazan

    7. In the second intercessional prayer to St.Mary (Daivamaathaavinotulla madhyastha prardhana) published by our church (please see the Qurbaanakramam) the words Veendum Nadhaa have crept in. This is to be changed as veendum naadhayeaa
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