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Trails of the Shepherd

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  • Chev. Thomas Daniel
    A new Christian Novel, entitled `Trails of the Shepherd has been released by New York based Raider Publishing International. `Trails of the Shepherd , is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2009
      A new Christian Novel, entitled `Trails of the Shepherd' has been released by New York based Raider Publishing International.

      `Trails of the Shepherd', is the story of a shepherd community that existed in a valley village Beit Sahour in the immediate east of Bethlehem. The story is unfolded through the memories of Hannah, an eighty-six year old woman who is about to leave for Rome, on a divine mission, seventy years after the birth of Jesus Christ. Her story is linked with the super natural stories of Abiyah, a trader turned shepherd, who means a world to her and, more importantly, the stories of Jesus Christ from His birth till ascension.

      The novel, in Forty chapters, in addition, touches the core of the Bible right from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation. An interesting account of the wise men who came from the east, a miraculous journey from Ezion Jeber, a port at the tip of Red Sea to Ophir in the East, a depiction of ancient Kerala during the Chera Dynasty, a trance like journey that crosses the ancient times to our century and to a futuristic world are but some of the highlights of the novel. The book, built on a universal platform, has in it, a fusion of ancient and modern languages. It embraces and addresses almost every form of human life and traits across all continents of the earth through different time spans.

      The author, SOCM-Forum member since 2008, Mr. Ipe Mathews who hails from Kottayam, took twenty years to research on ancient Palestine and another ten years to write the book. Towards the final stage of the book writing, Ipe had an opportunity to visit His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas The Patriarch of Antioch and all the East who has blessed Ipe's efforts in creating this Christian book. A scholar Fr. Mushe Cichek, who lives at the St. Mark's Syrian Orthodox Monastery, Jerusalem, has graciously translated about thirty key sentences in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic and transliterated them into English which forms a vital part of the book. The introduction to `Trails of the Shepherd' is written by a renowned Indian Bishop who knows Ipe from his childhood.

      `Trails of the Shepherd' can ideally be a treasure for every Christian family, or even non Christian's families. The book is expected to be made available globally by Raider Publishing Intl. shortly. At the moment it can be purchased on-line at:


      For more details and visuals on the book, please downlod the Power Point presentation from SOCMNet.org

      In His Love
      Chevalier Thomas Daniel (Reji)
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