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Re: Reply from MJSSA

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  • Chev. Thomas Abraham
    Dear Members of the Forum, It is with a heavy heart I am writing this. When I had gone through the message `Reply from MJSSA from its General Secretary Mr.
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 1, 2009
      Dear Members of the Forum,

      It is with a heavy heart I am writing this. When I had gone through the message `Reply from MJSSA' from its General Secretary Mr. Baby Mathara, I think the respected General Secretary had taken my comments about MJSSA functioning as "personal" against him. I made it very clear in my messages that I have nothing against the esteemed Secretary and only pointing out the flaws in the functioning of the MJSSA system, with some supporting matters. In fact I was supporting somebody else on this discussion. I even mentioned that I hope under his present leadership the functioning will be improved for the betterment of the Church. At any time, if he felt that anything I mentioned is personal against him, I apologize for it, as it was not my intention. However, it was unfortunate for him trying to `shoot the person' instead of addressing the issues raised.

      Since the latest reply from the General Secretary is not with an intention to address the issues/concerns raised by many members of this forum, such as Sunday School English Text Books Printing, Preparing VBS Materials in English etc. (or at least its willingness), I think there is no point in continuing the discussion on it in this Forum. Other matters I raised where secondary issues only. I consider the lame excuses from MJSSA officials are not up to the point.

      I am very well aware that MJSSA is the spiritual organization of the Church and that is why this discussion came up in SOCM Forum for getting their support for making JSVBS English Materials. Unfortunately the same organization or its officials are not at all aware about the existence of this SOCM Forum (where especially the present MJSSA President and most of our Metropolitans and the Catholicate Centre are members), which was created mainly for supporting the Church in the Electronic media, in a great way. When somebody else had pointed out these discussions to MJSSA officials, unfortunately they took the criticism in a negative way, for their own reasons.

      Regarding Mr. Baby Mathara's negative derogatory comments about my integrity in Church affairs and my charity supports, I am compelled to mention here that the Secretary should have checked this first with the present President of MJSSA, who is the ex-vicar of Bahrain Parish. He could have checked it even with our Diocesan Bishop or any other Bishops or Priests, who at least once came to Bahrain or to the priests of my parent Parish of Manarcad St. Mary's Cathedral. As Mr. Baby Mathara could be primarily a Sunday School teacher before becoming MJSSA's General Secretary, I am also a Sunday School teacher since 1968, after passing my Sunday School Xth class exam. When the JSVBS discussion came up in SOCM Forum, I honestly felt that I have the right to speak on behalf of my Sunday school children in Bahrain, who suffered due to lack of the English text books and JSVBS English books and materials. It came out now that the discussion in SOCM Forum was a nuisance for MJSSA officials and they are NOT at all willing to address this issues in future even.

      As MJSSA officials stand on these issues seems `Take it or Leave it', I also close this subject from my side, and pray God Almighty to help us, the Outside Kerala & India Churches, to find out our own way to address these issues.


      Chev. Thomas Abraham – Bahrain.

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Joseph Daniel wrote:
      > Dear brothers in Christ,
      > I had already given reply to the allegations raised against MJSSA on this SOCM Forum. I thought that the reply given by me considering the responses as creative suggestions were satisfactory for you.
      > A patriotic soldier will never dishonour his homeland even though he may have some personal differences. The attitude of a person who has been honoured by the supreme head of the Holy Church as its brave soldier might nit be different from this. However, since Chev. Thomas Abraham have been repeating his allegations against this spiritual organisation of the Holy Church in this forum, I am forced to address this forum once again.
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