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Dhaiva mathavakuvan Bhagyayay therrnavalam.........

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  • Dr.George Kunju John
    Dear Respected and Blesseds, The world Malayalees are celeberating Onam with all pleasures while Orthodox Christians are fasting to celeberate the birth of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2009
      Dear Respected and Blesseds,

      The world Malayalees are celeberating Onam with all pleasures while Orthodox Christians are fasting to celeberate the birth of Yeldos Aloho. The Islam population is on their Ramadan fast. I remember the hymn that is frequently recited during the ettunoyambu ' Dhaiva mathavakuvan Bhagyayay therrnavalam.........' The above transelation of Kaniamparambil Achan is never heard nowadays because new versions have covered it. But the fact that Holy Virgin Mary is the only fortunate one to become the 'Mother of God'. As a normal human how could Mother contain the fact that she carried the ONLY God in her woomb. How the Mother could nurture the God Son in her lap. However; Mother kept every mystery of God's incarnation in her heart. When one ponder the great miracle it is evident that Mother concieved the church in her woomb. The body she delivered was left as the CHURCH after God resurrected. We the Orthodox Christians are so fortunate to be the members of this CHURCH. Those who can't accept the Mother can't be the member of the CHURCH.

      Yeldos Aloho lived as Mother of God never asked for any request for self. The life of the Mother was with all miseries. Even at the time of death the place of her death bed had to be hidden. Mother who concieved the God accepted all the miseries of the world and continue to pray even for those who abuse her.

      Recently, I was disturbed with a thought that why our prayer request was not answered even though we do it with humility, pious and fasting followered with offerings. I could listen a talk of a Muslim Clerick where he narrated that the prayer requets are never left out with out answer. It will be heard even after the death. He narrated a story of a muslim brother who praised God when he lost his one leg and one son. Mother never placed a request beofore God while she was undergoing sever agonies of life, but requested for others.

      Let me point out some thing which our learned clergy may not feel offended. In all his talk the Muslim scholler never took any reference from other literatures except Quran. We used to listen often our sermons with the references of comparing Jesus the God with other world leaders of history. They need Mahatma Gandhi or Shri Budha to explain the love of God when Jesus the perfect love of God is in their front of the eyes. I must recollect the sermons of Aboon Bava thirumeni where HB give the references from Bible, Prayer books, letters of holy fathers and never compares Jesus with any others.

      If we respect Yeldos Aloho we must consider mother as the mother who concieved Church in her woomb and therefore we must remain as one body to be presented to Moran Yesu'Msheho when He comes with holy angels.

      May the love and prayers of Mother be fort to us.

      Dr.George Kunju John
      ID 0204
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