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Re: Sunday School English Books.

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  • Sunny Chacko
    Dear Moolel Achen, Thanks for your message, which shows your interest in the subject discussed. However, I think you missed the important point which was
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 5, 2009
      Dear Moolel Achen,

      Thanks for your message, which shows your interest in the subject discussed. However, I think you missed the 'important point' which was under discussion:

      1- The main subject was MJSSA is not doing anything for printing the Sunday School books and VBS Materials in English.

      2- The beneficiaries are mainly from outside kerala churches and their requirement is always not considered by MJSSA.

      3- If any individual or group of churches in outside kerala translated the sunday school books, MJSSA is not interested to print and provide it to the needy on a time-bound manner.

      4- Many scholars like you, helped to translate the English books and provided monetory support to MJSSA for printing it first time.

      5- The Syllabus was changed later and the obsolete books printing was not done later by MJSSA, but not initiated to translate the new revised syllabus books and print it. (May be as usual waiting for somebody to donate the cost).

      6- MJSSA never tried to reply to any of the messages appeared here, inorder to clarify their stand.

      7- If they can't provide English translations to our Children in outside kerala, why there is an organisation like MJSSA existing in our Church?

      These were the common questions asked by many people. Your message gives an impression that the 'OLD SYLLABUS BOOKS' are still available in US and how you expect them to be distributed to other parts of the world?? US is not the only area, where children need English books, it is now a need for many in Kerala as well. If there is new revised syllabus already existing in Malankara, then there is no need for distributing the old syllabus books, anywhere in the world, including US. All our children should study the new revised syllabus. This is the thing to be got done now.

      As per the moderators message appeared today in the forum, there is a ray of hope from our beloved Dioscoros Thirumeni. His Grace is taking ACTION, which was NOT DONE SO FAR BY MJSSA Officials!!! Let us pray to God Almighty to provide enough support for the 'team' who are doing this work. We hope that this will be available in PRINT for the needy at least by next academic year.

      Again, why MJSSA is reluctant in producing the VBS Materials also in English?? Individual church(es) doing in their own way, is NOT the solution!!! There is a centralized organisation for Sunday School and they are the people to produce and distribute it to all. I hope by next VBS season, this will also become a reality, and pray God Almighty to strengthen the arms of Dioscoros Thirumeni to 'clean' the MJSSA, AS JESUS DID AT JERUSALEM CHURCH.


      Sunny Chacko
      Id # 2999

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Very. Rev. Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil wrote:
      > I read many postings in the Forum regarding Sunday School books in English. I remember the Sunday Schools in USA prepared Sunday School books in English and was printed by the MJSSA and the books were available in USA for a long time. I too was part of the team which did the translation works. It may need revisions and reprints. This can be done by the volunteers.
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