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  • Very Rev. David Cheruthottil Cor Episcopo
    Dear Respected Moderators and Readers: Program report from the Coordinator, our Susan John and the photos taken by our Alex, which was conducted at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2009
      Dear Respected Moderators and Readers:

      Program report from the Coordinator, our Susan John and the photos taken by our Alex, which was conducted at the Carteret St.George's MSO Church.

      Dear All:

      Words are not enough to express our thanks to each one of you who helped the VBS. 2009 to be an EDGEising experience and a grand success. Our Lord was extremely gracious to us and brought us back each day with extra vigor and energy. The photographs speak of the 3 wonderful days we had, Experiencing and Discovering God everywhere.
      The primary objectives of the VBS were to infuse in our children the
      essence of the Word of God through Bible based stories and activities; and create an attraction to church and we believe we have achieved that.

      Our beloved Thirumeni, Geevarghese Achen, George Achen, David Achen and Akash chemachen through their presence and leadership enhanced the blessings and effectiveness of the VBS. multi fold. While the Achans and Chemmachan were with us on all the 3 days of VBS, Thirumeni spent the entire Sunday with us despite his very busy schedule.

      The involvement, commitment and participation by the Staten Island sister churches, Livingston church and Carteret church were outstanding and the primary reason for the success of the VBS.

      Special thanks to Meenu for introducing the 'Puppet show' which the
      children enjoyed very much. The kids can never forget Sheeja kochamma's special song 'God is with me---" and the colorful 'hearts' she crafted for the class.

      Akash Chemmachan made his maiden impact with his Malayalam song 'Aara aara karayunne----' and Geevarghese Achan's song 'Thank You Lord---' has become a mind murmur for many.

      The water activity, on campus cotton candy preparation, t-shirt painting, camp ambiance, procession, slide show, multiple cuisines etc. enhanced the fun factor to a new level.

      The overwhelming attendance and cooperation made the program a whole sum experience. This year we had participation from nearby Orthodox, Marthoma and Catholic churches. The kindness and willingness of the sponsors as well as the enormous effort of the parents who stayed with us all the three days and helped with cooking, serving and cleaning are greatly acknowledged.

      The faculty and the volunteers who conducted the classes, taught the songs, coordinated the activities, purchased the various items, printed posters and took the photographs deserve the ultimate appreciation as these core activities differentiated our VBS as an outstanding one.

      Special thanks to all the parents who spread the word around and brought children from our neighboring churches.

      Finally a special mention about the youth of our churches - many of them inspire of their summer jobs and summer classes made it possible to attend and help VBS. Their efforts and dedication are greatly appreciated.

      Best regards,
      VBS. Coordinators.
      Here is the link to my photo gallery.
      Click on the album like to see.
      If you have any issue viewing the photos, please let me know.
      732 309 5522

      Thank you and may God
      Bless you.
      Best Regards and Prayers
      V. Rev, David Cheruthottil Cor Episcopoi
      St.George's MSO Church, Carteret, NJ
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