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Re: Why our church members are concentrating to other revival groups

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  • Mathew Chacko
    Dear All, I fully subscribe to the views aired by Mr. Varghese C.J. Majority of so called active members of Parishes in Orthodox church -regardless of
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      Dear All,

      I fully subscribe to the views aired by Mr. Varghese C.J. Majority of so called 'active members of Parishes' in Orthodox church -regardless of factions- are more worried about church adminstration and running of its affairs. Most of their 'active involvement' in parish is focused in this area. I do sincerely appreciate the efforts being put in on Perunal nercha and Good Friday's Kanji , Pandal etc.. But, administration and running of affairs has some how taken precedence over worship and scaraments - its true with these ' active members'. Not worship or sacraments are pulling them into church, but mere administration and running of affairs.It is the pothuyogam and club like atmosphere generated in church tie these 'active members to church'.

      Majority of parishes have two or three rival groups, unless and untill one joins any othese groups he will never have company among parishoners. Even priests has no other alternatives but to make them believe 'on this ROCK is the Church stands'.

      It is the Pothuyogam and club like affairs and atmosphere created in church drags these 'active members in to church.

      Sermons by Bishops and Achens goes 'deep' in to theological aspects of biblical verses read out in Evangalion, sometimes followed by expalnation of Holy Qurbana in relevance to several biblical verses. Thus most of the faithful is left with a feeling ' it is beyond our understanding'. (Yes it is)But, simple thing is left out - Holy Qurbana is 'celebration of Love' conducted in remembrance of eternal divine love revealed on Cross. I believe, the Church need to reiterate to the faithful that 'Holy Qurbaba' is Love. It is meant for people who live in love and love one another.

      Let us part take in Holy Qurbana with a desire to live in Love. Otherwise does it matter how well we administer church and run its affairs?

      Humbly your's
      Mathew Chacko
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      -- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Varugese C J wrote:
      > Dear All,
      > The observations Bro. Mathew Thomas Kannathumuriyil made is relevant
      > now-a-days prevalent amongst the faithfuls irrespective of their
      > denominational affiliation. We have a tendency of pointing our
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