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One Church - More groups

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  • Dr.George K John
    Dear Every one, The posting of Mr. Mathew Thomas regarding the church members participation in out side church prayer groups is indeed worth pondering. When
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2009
      Dear Every one,

      The posting of Mr. Mathew Thomas regarding the church members' participation in out side church prayer groups is indeed worth pondering. When our Lord saved the humanity from the divisive force of Satan He clubbed every one into His body - the Church. He broke the partition walls of Jews, Samaritans, gentile etc. The disciples preached the Good News and baptised every one into the Church. In course of time after 3 centuries Church was divided into 4 thrones. Today the thrones and crowns are infinite. If those groups are to glorify the Lord it is acceptable to the Highest. But if they are creating their own empire they glorify their own names.

      The crux of the problem we face today is the 'spiritual poverty' in us. When the spiritual power of Holy Spirit entered into 'Sackayee' when Our Lord asked him to come down and He wishes to visit his house, he declared to part with his physical power of property and money. We listen the hymn before the Holy Querbono 'yachikkunnon prabhikkum; anweshippon kandethum' What we are awarded by our Lord is Holy Spirit abundantly. But we shift from it and turned towards property, authority and wealth. The holy places have become the centres of such treasures and spirituality is being pushed aside.

      No one can blame if a Christian turns to spirituality. If the Church is deprived of spirituality what the member can do to save his life. There is no question of any Darth in the Church for spirituality because the sacraments are the treasures of Holy Spirit with full of spirituality. But those who are anointed to celebrate those sacraments have other jobs to do. They have no time to visit the houses of faithfuls to recharge those houses with the power of Holy Spirit. Once a year they are supposed to sign the mighty cross on the doors of faithfuls houses. By seeing that Cross on door the 'Satan' will never enter into that house.

      To criticise is indeed easy ;to practise is arduous. ' Vadi kayyil adippan thudangunnu'. We must revive ourselves before He starts to cleanse us with fire. Let the lost spirituality return to us. Leaving the Church and creating groups is not the solution. Live together as One Church driving the divisive forces is needed. Let us declare the faith in One Holy Apostolic Universal Church.

      It is worth to remember that 'Judas' was not selected by our Lord but he joined the group as the financial controller. He was managing the finance of Jesus's carpentry shop after the death of St Joseph. Jesus never touched money. When He needed money to pay tax He asked to fish and get coins. To day ' Judaism'- finance control captured the Church. All leaders are running projects in the church. So the faithfuls search for green pastures.

      With prayers
      P.George K.John
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