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IOC Hypocrisy on C.R.F. Meetings

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  • Varkey T.A
    Dear members, Reference to the message regarding IOC hypocrisy on people attending CRF Meetings. If you had ever gone through IOC Forum, you may have noticed
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2009
      Dear members,

      Reference to the message regarding IOC hypocrisy on people attending CRF Meetings. If you had ever gone through IOC Forum, you may have noticed these two messages given below from one single person, who exposes this hypocrisy of IOC leadership on these meetings.�It is their hereditory character and we can't expect anything better from them.�I pity for the people still following these hypocrites!!!
      Dear ICON members,

      Let me share a bitter experience which I had from my Vicar at Mycavu St. Mary's Church (Malabar Diocese).. I am working in Saudi Arabia since nine years and living there with my wife and two children. Now we are on vacation for the past two weeks. Our last vacation was in June 2006. During these three years since the last vacation, we could not attend any Holy Qurbana and partake in the Holy Communion.

      We were very happy to attend service in our home church during this Holy Lent period. But an unfortunate event occurred when we went to our church to partake in the Holy Communion recently. We were shocked when my wife was abruptly told by the vicar that he cannot service any of our spiritual needs. "If you need something from this church, give one application for another membership in your name," he told her.

      On enquiry we learned that the vicar was acting upon a recent kalpana by the diocesan metropolitan, HG Dr Zacharia Mar Theophilos. HG had warned that members attending meetings conducted by MY Yohannan's prayer group cannot receive spiritual services from the church. We were not aware of this. It should be mentioned here that my father has been attending Prof. M.Y. Yohannan's prayer meetings of late. He had served the church for about 25 years as a Sunday school headmaster and he also worked as a Divyabodhanam director. He still remains an active member of our church. He had started attending the meetings following the onset of cancer in my mother. Me and my wife were not aware of the kalpana when we went to the church to receive Holy Communion.

      I am the only one son of my father and is still living with him. If I follow the vicar's instructions and apply for a separate membership, our family will be split. What shall I do? I don't like any Penticost and 'pallicost' prayer meetings.

      Best Regards,

      Jaison Jacob

      Hi all,

      Thank you for your valuable advise to my post,
      (Response messages 22945, 22961, 22977, 23082)

      It's with great joy I would like to inform you that my family could attend confession and received Holy Qurbana from my home parish. My father met our Thirumeni and my father agreed (by written), he will not attend any more prayer meetings like that of CRF etc.

      But today, I was really shocked when I read Orthodox Herald News (May 15 2009). http://www.orthodoxherald.com/day.pdf Page. No. 3.. Now I have doubt about our respected leaders' stands. The strong stand against the prayer meetings conducted by Prof M Y Yohannan has been taken by HH the Catholicos himself through a bull (300/2007)

      Please clarify, this news appear in Orthodox Herald is right? Who is misguiding church members? What actions will be take against them?
      Best Regards,

      Jaison Jacob

      Varkey T.A
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