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5th Dukrono of Paulos Mor Gregorios

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  • Thomas Daniel
      5 th Dukorno of Paulos Mor Gregorios (24 – 11 – 2001) Metropolitan of Delhi Diocese of “Catholicose faction of Malankara Church” World-renowned
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2001
      5th Dukorno of
      Paulos Mor Gregorios
      (24 � 11 � 2001)
      Metropolitan of Delhi Diocese of �Catholicose faction of Malankara Church�
      World-renowned scholar, theologian, interfaith debater, a sincere worker of Ecumenism, strong defender of Oriental Orthodoxy
      Born on August 9, 1922 in Ernakulam, India and Passed away on November 24, 1996. 1937 he started his professional service as a press Reporter and become Associate Secretary of P&T trade union in 1942. In 1947 he went to Ethiopia and become a Teacher. In 1950 he went to USA for further education and in 1955 he joined at Orthodox Theological Seminary as a Professor. 1956 he went back to Ethiopia and joined as Counselor of the emperor of Ethiopia: 1956. He completed his higher studies at Yale & Oxford on 1959. He was ordained as a priest on 1961. He become Associate General Secretary of WCC on 1962 and in 1967 he joined as Principal of Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam, India in 1967. He was ordained as metropolitan of Delhi Diocese on 1975. He become President of WCC in 1983
      On Interfaith
      "When we work for the unity of humanity we stand on our own convictions and traditions, while sharing a great vision of God at the center of all and an all-embracing love for all humanity� We pledge, rooted in our own religious traditions, to work for the fulfillment of the will of God."
      "Experience shows that the deeper we go into our respective religions, the more clearly we find the basic love of God and love for all humanity which should unite us all. The more rooted one is in one's own tradition the freer and more secure one becomes in facing our fellow human beings and finding our unity in God and in our shared aspirations. At the deepest levels, there is more unity than diversity among the world's religions".
      On�Mahatma Gandhi
      "Mahatma Gandhi was not a baptized or believing Christian.�� But he came to the people as a suffering servant of God, with all the three credentials.�� He walked into the village of Noakhali, where Hindus and Muslims were shooting and stabbing each other, in 1947.�� Clad in loincloth, without sleep and without eating, with just the old man's walking stick in his hand, this frail and fragile servant walked into�� Muslim homes and Hindu homes, saying to Muslims: 'I am a Hindu; kill me if you want to kill a Hindu, but do not kill others.' To the Hindu household, brimming wit the same passionate and murderous hatred as the Muslim household, Gandhi walked in and said: 'I am a friend of the Muslims; kill me first, but do not kill others.'
      "The fact that he succeeded in Noakhali shows only the power of love. The fact that he was shot down by a Hindu at a joint prayer meeting of people of all religions confirms the truth that love does not always succeed, but that the true vocation of the Suffering Servant is to love to the point of laying down one's life for others.
      On relation of Anthoican Patriarchate and Malankara Church
      "We in India belong to this Patriarchate even if we have our own Catholicose and are autonomous. We have no other sources from which to renew our ancient tradition, except the tradition of Antioch, of the Great Syrian Church, which once had spread through the length and breadth of Asia, right up to China and Korea. It would be�the height of ingratitude and most deplorable folly on our part if we grieve his hart (the Patriarch) with any world which seeks to dissociate ourselves with the�patriarchate of Antioch."

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