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Re: IOC & Indian Patriarchate

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, What difference it make to the Jacobite Church if the IOC Catholicose assume the title as Indian Patriarch ? None, nothing at all. All of us might
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2009
      Dear All,

      What difference it make to the Jacobite Church if the IOC Catholicose assume the title as "Indian Patriarch"? None, nothing at all. All of us might be remembering the proclamation by the IOC Catholicose at the Kottayam Mahasammelan that "Except Jesus Christ nobody else is there above Him". But the poor thing is that HH Catholicose will make an announcement, but later a contradictory statement will follow on the same subject. There is a "Holy Synod" in IOC making unholy decisions, and the poor HH Catholicose will be compeled to repel his earlier announcements. The Malankarites, irrespective of their present alliances with JSC or IOC, Patriarchate and the incumblent HH Patriarchese is the highly revered name and and IOC-ians find it very difficult to pull the crowd as they wish only with a tall claim of installation of a Catholicate. Their Syrian Christian tag is under threat under the present set-up of a Catholicate. In early 20th Century the Manorama's marketing techniques have served a unifying force for IOC brand name, but the boom in present electronic medias and live telecasts made Manorama's fusion a failure. The way the IOC tried to import Peeman Patriarch in 1980s and recent Ethiopan Patriarchese didn't work well. The IOC-ians now realized that a division in the Holy Church purely based on technical terms will not be successful in long run, but work only in Court rooms, not in the faithfuls attitude. Court ruling and Police force will not succeed in catching the faithfuls, except a few individuals, who are eager to catch fish in the troubled waters, thereby they can close few churches. Those who profess an exit in humility from the court intereference are finding it very difficult to remain in the IOC. Now they cry on not getting proper politican support from the politicians, and the blame game they propagate is boomranged on the IOC. "Satyameva Jayate" - The Truth Pravails - is not a matter which can only be on Paper, but that is the ultimate truth.

      Let us all pray to our LORD to strengthen the faithfuls to withstand the Satanic temptations of departing from the TRUE FAITH.

      Mem. # 1012
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