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A Review of [SOCM-FORUM] Digest Number 2868

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  • Devidasan Chathanadath
    New Delhi, February 8, 2009 A Review of [SOCM-FORUM] Digest Number 2868 Dear Moderators, Quite a few thoughts ran through my mind when I read today’s Digest
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      New Delhi,
      February 8, 2009

      A Review of [SOCM-FORUM] Digest Number 2868

      Dear Moderators,

      Quite a few thoughts ran through my mind when I read today�s
      Digest as the discussion on the prime subject started by Kakkanadan, I felt, if not handled wisely, definitely has the potential to destroy the already fragile fabric of secularism that India boast(ed). So, I mustered courage to pick up my pen in a humble effort to write a Review to the Digest No.2868.

      Well, there was another reason too, perhaps a more important one�The letter written by God to Meredith. It tells us in so simple terms as to where and how easy for one to find Him. Mark�s efforts indeed are laudable. One can see the postings every day, day after day without fail irrespective it is a holiday or otherwise.

      The most important factor that unites India as a democracy is not any religion, cast, creed, language or geographical barriers; but the unique title every Indian was conferred upon when our Motherland became Independent from the foreign rule�the title �Citizen.� This title covers every individuals of our nation as one single entity but left religion to be a private affair to be practiced like the �vibgyor�, which when rotated makes one single colour�a unified India. �Today, unfortunately, the title �Citizen� is being replaced by �the religion� the citizen belongs to and I consider this as the biggest challenge India is facing today to keep this nation as the single entity�A Unified India.

      I would have been a Muslim had I been born into a Muslin family
      instead of a Hindu where by �default� I was born into.� So I did not have much (or any) choice on that count and I don�t think any of you had that choice either when born; barring those who chose to willfully change his �default� faith inspired by any religion after birth. This is the truth.

      I believe that religion preach an individual to lead a life worthy of living in the first place before it helps him or her to attain God. In that sense, every religion is good. What is NOT is the misguided interpretation of religious faith by people of nefarious interests and therefore what we must fight is Not against the religions; but with the people who are using the religion for nefarious interests and they could be from South, North, East or West. But this fight must be as the �Citizen�, not as Hindu, Muslim, Christian or as Paarsee.

      Financial independence not necessarily brings religious tolerance.
      Bin Laden was born in a very wealthy family which had millions in their business. Any terrorist group that has become a terrorist group has not started off as a terrorist group in the first place. The graduation has always been a slow process. Shivsainiks or MNS of Maharastra is more of a bunch of goons who are not being tamed due to religious and vote bank compulsions. So is the case of those hooligans of so called Sri Ram sena who attacked the girls in the pub in Bangalore or butchered the Muslims in Gujarat few years ago, as the self appointed protectors of Hindu Sanskriti. When these groups become more powerful for the government to handle, we would have, �religious terrorism� ruling the country without the fear or law like in Pakistan. This is a dangerous thing waiting to happen if we do not fight them as �Citzens� of this country keeping our religious faith as a private affaire.

      �From where have come the two Gods
      Who have deluded us like this?
      We have named them Allah and Rama, Karuna and Keshava, Hari and Hazarat.
      If different ornaments are made of gold
      Their essence is still one.
      Although namaz and pooja are the same,
      As two words they sound different.�
      He is Mahadeva, He is Muhammad,
      And you might see Brahma in Adam.
      Some are called Hindus, some are called Turks.
      All should reside on the same earth.
      Vedas are read by Pundits,
      And Kutaba is read by Maulvis.

      Kabir says, both are vessels of the same clay.
      But we have forgotten the reality�


      C Devidasan
      Member ID 975
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