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Re:Indianising Christians of India or Seeds of Re-conversion

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  • Apu Jose
    Dear readers, There are a lot of things that we follow which are actually related to Hindu concepts. It is okay to do many of them as we can find many such
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 29 11:00 PM
      Dear readers,

      There are a lot of things that we follow which are actually related to Hindu concepts. It is okay to do many of them as we can find many such references in the Holy Bible also like lighting the lamp in the sanctuary of Lord in his Holy Temple which can be compared to "Nilavilakku " and also our Lord Jesus Christ is the True Light ,so it can be done as a rememberance of Him.

      Another thing we have done is Christianising the Hindu functions. Same way "minnu" ("thali " according to Hindus ) we use in marriages is according to Hindu customs but we have Christianised it by having the Holy Cross embossed on it rather than some Hindu idols.

      All these things are okay , but there are a whole lot of other customs which are totally against our Holy faith. These can be actually classified as SPIRITUAL ADULTERY. This is because the relationship between Lord and his Church (which is a congregation of each individual followers of Christ ) are described as a relation between a groom and the bride who is bethrothed to him . During the time period between the bethrotal and the marriage(Second Coming of our Lord) the bride (Holy Church which means each individual follower )has to remain faithful to groom (One true God -Holy Trinity) and not go after other men (other so called gods).Many people who find it repulsive to associate with physical adultery find it perfectly normal to associate with spiritual adultery which is a far more bigger sin . This happens when they do not want to hurt their friends or their associates but they find it okay to hurt Lord Jesus.

      I will try to list some of the things which should noy be done by a Syrian Orthodox faithful but this cancerous tumour of these kind of anti Christian activity is rampant among our faithful.
      1. Asari sthanum kanal
      2. Jatakam (astrology , horoscopes, sun signs)
      3. all kinds of superstitions like 3 people shold not go out together, palli chellakkuka, howling of dogs . there is an endless list
      4. Rahu kalam
      5. Samaya nootam for House farming and marriage
      6. Eating food offered to idols be it Prasadam, Aravana payasam or food from temples or mosques
      7. offering money to other religious functions and other religious places of worship
      8. Palmistry
      9. Mashi nottam
      10. In some our ancient Churches there is a practice of giving offerings to the temple which is mythically related to it
      11. Kadamattathu kathanar seva and praying to kadamattathu kathanar , offering arrack and cock sacrifice at his kinar (cave altar)
      It is high time we take strict action against this . In your case a person who has got kaiveppu (shrushushakan) only has the right to offer incense and that too with doopakutti and not with agarbattis.

      Apu jose
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