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Christmas Greetings from Archives

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  • Devidasan Chathanadath
    New Delhi, December 28, 2008. My Dear Moderators, I remember posting the following in our Forum few years ago. I also remember seeing this incident printed
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2008
      New Delhi,
      December 28, 2008.

      My Dear Moderators,

      I remember posting the following in our Forum few years ago.�I also remember seeing this incident printed for the first time in Times of India News Paper some 30 years ago when I came to New Delhi as a young man in search of bread and butter and it remained in my heart ever since.

      As I was scanning through my archives during the eve of this Christmas, this piece jumped out unexpectedly and I realised how it remained fresh as a flower in bloom even after all these 3 decades and more importantly how relevant it is even today in a world where soft emotions like compassion, love and affection have taken a retreat.

      Let me re-present it for our old members to go through once again and for the new ones to have a feel of it with the hope that all would like it as much as I did and continue to do so whenever I read it.

      Let me also, without permission, reproduce an extremely beautiful poem posted by Rev. Fr. Dr. Biju Chirathilattuon December 24, 2004
      from Vienna, Austria in our Forum with the hope that he would not object to it.

      C Devidasan
      Member ID 975
      Christmas Greetings from Archives.

      It has been more than 2000 years since the wise men were guided to a manger by a star in the sky where Mary had given birth to a boy by name Jesus Christ after she and Joseph were turned away by an inn keeper. Few years ago the great story of Jesus Christ was enacted in a school in New Delhi.

      Mary was in full pregnancy and along with Joseph she was begging and pleading for a space in the inn to stay for the night.� The role of
      the inn keeper was entrusted to a big fat student who was specially selected for this purpose.� He looked ferocious and cruel and was ready to turn Mary away.�Mary on her part looked completely drained, tired and vulnerable.�

      �Would you please give us a room to stay for the night?� �No, we don�t have a spare room�, came the emphatic reply from the Innkeeper.

      �Please�, it is too cold and dark outside�, said Mary kneeling before him with tears in her eyes. Joseph too with folded hands requested for a room for pregnant Mary.�

      The inn keeper looked puzzled��� Somewhere in his heart a small stream of kindness broke loose.�

      He came a step forward near to Mary, held her hands, asked her to
      rise and said in a wavering tone;

      �Yes Mary, you may stay in this inn for the night!�

      The crowd was stunned! This was not the story of Jesus Christ!�

      It was now the turn of Mary and Joseph to look puzzled. They did not know what to do.�The Principal of the School did not know what to do.� However, after a while she got up, walked deliberately to the stage, picked up the mike and said:

      �My dear students, today is a very important day in my life. As I stand before you, I experience a deep sense of pride, satisfaction and fulfillment. Jesus Christ was the Messiah of Love, Compassion and peace.�He lived spreading these ideals; and even while dying on the cross, taught us to be kind to others.�I am happy because �the inn keeper� has displayed that we are not indifferent to the difficulties of others; but indeed we care.

      He has displayed that you, the children have absorbed the values Jesus
      Christ has lived and died for.�He has displayed that the Son of God has indeed been successful in his mission to earth 2000 years ago. Let the play be terminated, the purpose has been achieved.�

      Wishing you��

      Peace, Prosperity
      and Happiness

      Merry Christmas
      and a Happy New Year.

      C Devidasan
      Member ID 975

      Posted by Rev. Fr. Dr. Biju Chirathilattu on December 24, 2004 from Vienna, Austria.

      "When the song of the angels is stilled;

      When the star in the sky is gone

      When the kings and princess are home,

      When the shepherds are back with their flocks,

      The work of Christmas begins:

      To find the lost; to heal the broken,

      To feed the hungry, to release the prisoner

      To rebuild the nations

      To bring peace among brothers

      To make music in the heart."
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