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Re:Dear Church authority and Church in Orissa

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  • Apu Jose
    Dear readers, I agree with the point raised by Mr Binto Varghese is correct . I thought we had a church in Mysore(address of a place in Banglore is given in
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      Dear readers,

      I agree with the point raised by Mr Binto Varghese is correct . I thought we had a church in Mysore(address of a place in Banglore is given in the Secunderabad Mar Gregorios website).

      We really need to improve our situation in Trivandrum . In the whole district we have just 3 Churches I guess (1 being Knayaya).Some years before there was a plan of forming a Trivandrum diocese . What happened to that?

      As Mr Vinod Varghese has rightly said ,we need to give a lot of attention to organise our Students an Youth group especially in Outside Kerala groups where heretics like Roman Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostal Churches are very active . They go to all the colleges and hostels organising their youth groups and prayer groups enticing the true faithful to fall into these heresy.
      In order to counter that we need to establish youth hostels and student centers (like Syriac Orthodox centres in every major city of India). I think the Church may be organised in Changanacherry with the help of Mor Adai Study Centre.

      At present our student association is too weak or virtually non existent. There is an immediate need to improve this with help of a full time bishop working on it.

      It is nice to know that there is Mr Boney Kuriakose ,Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) faithful in South Africa felt a need for a Syriac Orthodox Church in SA.I would like to urge him to start a new prayer group and a congregation there .Till a proper Jacobite Holy Qurbana is held it is advisable to attend any Oriental Orthodox Churches like Coptic Orthodox or Ethiopian Orthodox Churches than any Roman Catholic or Indian "Orthodox " Church.

      Mr Boney Kuriakose wrote:
      "At this point of time when the IOC has an organised church in that place, if a true Jacobites tries to form a group, it will be looked upon with a negative thought and there will be resistance especially if the group is small"

      The person who has to suffer this for establishing a Church of the true Syriac Orthodox Church will be blessed by God.

      I guess if we have a chance to attend any Oriental Orthodox(OO) Churches(not the I"O" faction church) it is better to do it than go for other heretical churches. But ,if you dont have a chance then it would be better to attend the I"O"C services (it is better to not take communion there as they are still an excommunicated faction without valid priesthood.For that you may go to the nearest OO Churches like Coptic Orthodox or Ethiopian Orthodox Churches.)

      Now coming to the reorganisation of Outside Kerala diocese . There was a talk of forming Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru dioceses . I dont know what happened to these plans . Anybody who knows any details , please post it on this forum.

      The Outside Kerala Diocese should be divided into 5 dioceses namely

      1.Delhi diocese-J&K, HP,Haryana,Punjab,Chandigarh,Rajasthan,Delhi,Uttarakhand,UP,

      2.Mumbai diocese-Maharastra,Gujarat,Daman Diu,Dadar Nagar Haveli,MP

      3.Chennai diocese-TN, AP,Pondicherry, A&N Islands

      4.Bengaluru diocese-Karnataka,Goa

      5.Kolkata diocese-
      WB,Bihar,Jharkhand,Chattisgarh,Orissa,Assam,Sikkim,Manipur, Meghalaya,Mizoram,Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh

      I know we have very low no of people in these places. But, it may be possible to create missionary churches in these parts . It may be done through the activities of missionary organisations of our Church like St Paul's Mission of India.

      In Orissa ,where I reside there is not even one Church for us .The I"O"C have got 3 Churches (Bhubaneswar, Cuttack , Rourkela) and 1 congregation (Paradip) and 1 school in Rourkela . The Marthoma church has got a Church in Bhubaneswar for both Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

      I guess there are some Jacobites in these I"O" Churches. I have got information that there was a Jacobite prayer group in Bhubaneswar and even a Jacobite Holy Qurbana was celebrated by one of our Metropolitans. Presently , there are none as the Jacobites over here have joined with the I"O"C . If anybody has information about the people who organised this group or of any Jacobites in Orissa (Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Paradip, Rourkela, Puri etc) please post it on this forum.

      With prayers
      Apu Jose
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