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Re:Dear Church authority- some true facts and comments

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  • Very Rev. Fr. David Cheruthottil Cor Epis
    Dear Respected Moderates and Readers: I am making some comments and true facts about the writing of Mr. Binto Varghese -sub: Dear Church Authority” and Rev.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2008
      Dear Respected Moderates and Readers:

      I am making some comments and true facts about the writing of Mr. Binto Varghese -sub: "Dear Church Authority” and Rev. Dn. Prince Mannathoor, in the SOCM-FORUM. Because of lack of concern from the Bishops and other leaders of our church, there were no Churches for the Syriac groups in various parts of the world. With some exceptions, their concern was only one thing: to collect money.

      Some faithful people took initiative to build a Parish with sincere and hard work to worship our Lord, but then the Bishops are going there to collect money for their personal gains, means? and leave. There is nothing wrong with accepting money, but they don't take any kind of initiative, spiritually or morally for the people and their children. During the 70's there were only one or two Syriac Churches here in the Northeast part of the USA. The Indian Orthodox Church had a lot of churches. At that time the IOC was larger than Jacobites. At least 70% of our people were going to the IOC. "Why did this happen?"

      At that time, I was a Deacon and there were only a few priests in the MSO Church in America. Whenever the Bishops were coming here, their only purpose was to go to the members houses (including the members of MSO groups, who were and still are a part of the IOC groups) and collect money from them and leave.

      But they didn't tell or advise those people who are in the IOC, to take initiative to make them stay in our MSO Church. It was a sad situation and I was helpless. If the leaders took some initiative, our people would not leave the SOC.

      The funny thing is that most of the MSO people in the IOC fraction, when they go to India for vacation, are going to their home parish, which belongs to the MSO fraction. The bottom line is that if we start to work in the beginning, our church would be one of the biggest groups in the SOC fraction in USA and Canada. Now it is too late. I am making these comments about the writing of Mr. Binto Varghese to open the eyes of our leaders and readers. I know how he
      feels about this. Of course, we must also work hard together along with the leaders of our Church to make it worth while.

      Also, Dn. Prince Mannathoor’s feelings to organize a parish or prayer group in the SOC fraction are a good idea. Please think wisely and take action for their effort. If we give all kinds of prayers, support, and help, they could be successful, otherwise we may lose a lot of our people. I am only expressing with my past experiences. I pray only for our people and future generations in our church. May God Bless and help them for the future success. When we work hard together with God in front, I am sure we will get the Blessing from God and we could get good result and our Church will grow remendously.

      A few years back our Catholic Bava Thirumeni sent a Kalpana to the American Dioceses (don't remember the exact date) regarding this kind of attitude. If the Head of the Church is making a statement or sending a Kalpana, it must be practiced or implemented. Otherwise, please don't make this kind of statement or Kalpana. This will ruin our reputation and it is humiliating. Please forgive me, if I am mistaken. This is only a simple request. The bottom line seems to be all about the money and power, Like the old saying "PANATHINU MEETHE PARUNTHUM.PARAKKUKAYILLA." No one is concerned about our faithful people. Money comes and goes, but if we don't teach our faith and tradition, we lose our people and their children for ever. I was and am very much depressed about this situation.

      I mentioned in the beginning of this writing about some exclusions. I will explain this, We have a Bishop for USA and Canada, named H. E. Mor Titus from 2004. Since Thirumeni took charge of the Diocese in North America and Canada, we have had lots spiritual and physical improvements all over this Diocese. With the Grace of God, Thirumeni won all the cases (except one, it is very hard)against IOC. Thirumeni established about 10 new Parishes in the American Diocese. The Youth in the Diocese very much like Thirumeni because Thirumeni is making new plans for them. Such plans include establishing youth group meetings, seminars, family conferences, regional meetings and, most of all, we have a good Sunday School system to teach our children the faith and traditions of the church. Now the Church is in good standing since we have a young and energetic leader to our Diocese.May the good Lord give strength to Thirumeni to accomplish the work of our Lord Jesus Christ which Thirumeni has started? May God shower His Blessings upon Thirumeni and may it show Thirumeni's success in the future.

      All these are doing with minimum funds. If we have enough funds, our Thirumeni could do more things for this Diocese. Why? Because there are two or three Bishops and others are coming here in USA to collect
      money and going back every year. People get frustrated! (may be not every one-with some exclusions)? they have to give money to Malankara Church, in India, at the same time they must give their dues to their own Diocese in USA. All funds are coming from one pocket! I am hearing this complaints from the mouth of majority people mouth. This means I am not against giving money to the Bishops or any body who is coming here and collect money. I am very happy to give if I have. There must be a limit to it. Some people cannot afford to give to both places. But they can't say no to any one, because their respect and fear and also their origin is from Malankara Church in India.

      I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I wanted to show some true facts to help better understand people like Mr. Binto Varghese and Rev. Dn. Prince Mannathoor.

      Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome.

      May our good Lord Bless us all, and give good health, love, peace, and fruits to our hard labor!

      Faithfully Yours in Christ,
      Fr. David Cheruthottil Cor Episcopoi
      St. George's MSO Church, Carteret, NJ
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