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Terrorism - Prevention is better than cure

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  • Abraham Paul
    What can be done to prevent  terror attacks. Author: Abraham Paul 2 Dec. 2008   Buildings destroyed can be rebuilt; difficult to repair a billion and odd
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2008
      What can be done to prevent� terror attacks.
      Author: Abraham Paul
      2 Dec. 2008

      Buildings destroyed can be rebuilt; difficult to repair a�billion and odd broken hearts.�

      The key words are �Prevention is better than cure�

      1) The first thing India need is aresearch and consultancy group to look at the root causes and internal and external reasons of mush rooming of terrorism in India and constantly improvise the systems according to changing needs in every sphere; technology, strategy, administration etc. �

      2) Secondly, India need to continuously do better PR work to effectively convey our intentions and policies internally and across the world, especially to the younger generations to prevent them from getting brainwashed by various groups of fundamentalists, extremists and religious fanatics.

      It is necessary to highlight India�s contributions in various political and social areas.

      Indiaplayed a major part in the development many of the Gulf & Arab countries.

      Indiawas the first country to recognize Palestine and right of Muslims to have their home land back.

      Indiaalso took the courage of joining the nations in severing diplomatic ties with Israel.

      Indiagives moral and physical support for Afghanistan in its strive towards democracy. India is one of the nations that did not agree the unilateral decision of war against Iraq.

      Indiacontinues to support Iran in its legitimate aspirations and actions and entered into cooperation in many areas of trade and sharing of resources even at the risk of friendship with America.
      Importantly, it is necessary to ponder where we went wrong for the turn around of the situation in the course of the past decade, causing the Islamic fundamentalist groups to take on disruptive activities in India.

      In the late 90�s I happened to be in an area in the Palestine border with my wife, against the advice of my guide. Our car was stopped by a group of locals. Happy to know that we are from India, they took us to their tent, telling that Indians are their friends, gave us tea and bread, introduced to their family and neighbors and gifted me a head scarf (like the one used by Mr. Yasser Arafat).

      Along with pointing fingers for all our woes in this sphere to Pakistan who also suffer collateral damage of this universal problem,� we should have the courage to look into internal reasons also. It is time to stand up and condemn the actions of nexus of religious fanatics and power mongering political activists in kindling anti-secularist tendencies which breed hatred and compel the minority groups and their supporters from outside to react wildly.

      3) Thirdly, the systems and infrastructures need to be quickly revamped for effective Crisis / Disastermanagement:-

      i)� A centralized administrative body to take over and exercise over all control and coordination.
      ii) A contingent of specially trained persons in every city / towns and villages.
      iii) Necessary infrastructure such as modern weapons, ammunitions, full protection armor, vehicles, pre-loaded and fully equipped, operational ready helicopters, airplanes, ships and gun boats, fire tenders etc.
      v) Exclusive GSM Wireless Telecom Network for Crisis Control and Disaster Management.

      Quick means of communication is one of the vital needs at the time�of major crisis and disaster. The irony is that public telecom networks are of no help when it is most needed.� �The confidentiality and privacy cannot be ensured in public networks by way of special coding, encryption etc. The way out �is to have� private Wireless telecom network exclusively for �essential services such as security, army, police, ambulance, hospitals, road transport & traffic control, air traffic control, railways and�important persons/ organizations and local administration, that are vital in the crisis control/disaster management system.

      4) Bring in awareness, and effectively participate the mass in the process of governance on internal security and social & community related activities.

      Abraham Paul,
      SOCM #3321
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