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India's 9-11....??!!

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  • Saju Paulose
    Dear All, It was really painful for every Indian to watch the shocking terrorist attack in Mumbai, the finance capital of India. A terrorist attack of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2008
      Dear All,

      It was really painful for every Indian to watch the shocking
      terrorist attack in Mumbai, the finance capital of India. A terrorist
      attack of this magnitude and precision is indeed a nightmare for all
      the democratic countries of the world.

      About seven years back, another terrorist attack of a larger
      magnitude shook New York, the finance capital of the United States.
      Like every person who lives in the United States, the pain and
      anguish of that event is still haunting me. One of our sister office
      was located in the World Trade Center, and 43of our co-workers got
      killed. My friend's wife, a malayalee girl, also burned in to ashes
      in that terrorist attack. However, I was very sad to see the general
      mood in India at that time. Almost all of the Indian media and
      politicians , including the Kerala media and politicians , portrayed
      the United States as the right nation which deserves something like
      this. Recently, the Indian media and politicians, including the
      Kerala media and politicians, celebrated the economic downturn in the
      United States with much fanfare while pretending to be ignorant about
      the after-effects in the world economy including India.

      The lesson from this incident is that India needs a new breed of
      leaders to lead that nation against all the odds she is facing now.
      This incident underscores the total failure of Indian intelligence,
      both external and internal. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister, is a
      learned and nice person; however, he is too nice to face these kind
      of threat. Sivraj Patel, the Home Minister, is the most inefficient
      guy and should be thrown out immediately. A.K. Antony, the much
      celebrated Gandhian, should be removed from the post of Defense
      Minister. He is a very nice person; however, he is a poor choice for
      that post in these testing times because he is well known for his
      reluctance to face challenges and eagerness to run away from
      problems. Now I really wish that Indira Gandhi should be alive and
      lead the nation. If India was fortunate enough to have that kind of
      leadership, we would have seen a significant destruction of the
      terrorist camps in the Pakistan soil within 48 hours of this Mumbai

      Yes, we need a leadership which has enough courage and ability to
      face challenges of this magnitude. We need patriotic politicians who
      can sacrifice their short-term vote-bank goals for the long-term
      safety and well being of the country. Let us pray for hundreds of
      innocent victims which include Indian and foreign nationals. Let us
      ask pardon for those foreign countries (who lost their people in our
      land )for being unable to protect our guests because of the inability
      of our leadership.

      Let us hope and pray that we can prevent another 911-model attack in


      Saju Paulose
      New York
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