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Sister Abhaya Murder Case - Some Observations

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  • Gigi Thomas
    Sister Abhaya Murder Case - Some Observations ... Ultimately truth is going to prevail. At last after 16 years of differnt agency investigations following the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2008
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      Sister Abhaya Murder Case - Some Observations
      Ultimately truth is going to prevail. At last after 16 years of differnt agency investigations following the cold-blooded murder of Sister Abhaya in 1992 at Pious X convent in Kottayam, highly influential clergy culprits are arrested. Fr.Thomas Kottoor(Chancellor of Kottayam Roopatha), Fr.Jose Puthrukka (Principal of Rajapuram College in Kasargode) and Sister Sefy are under the custody of CBI. CBI got substantial evidence to prove the case now. Its a big big shame for Catholic church & those who protected the culprits by destroying evidences in all stages of investigation by the help of politicians & beaurocrats who were enjoying the vote bank politics and money spinning machinery. Its a big shame to Christianity in India especially in this bad time when we are getting persecuted for conversions and its going to be a good weapon for fundamentalists who are opposing Christians.

      This arrest report is being published in all major medias around the world including CNN with great significance as its related to Catholic church. This case is among the rarest of the rare murder case which is getting proved by the sophistcated scientific methods including Narco Analysis, Brain mapping, Polygraph etc. Many heads are expected to roll of those who helped the culprits in destroying evidences if rest of the investigation which is expected to be completed in a months time is not influenced further by higher ups. The case was closed multiple times first by presuming as a suicide, lack of evidence etc. Relentless efforts of Sister Abhaya action council headed by Jomon Puthenpurackal, a bunch of good judges and few CBI police officers ultimately ensured handcuffs for the once diehards who were well cordinated and uncrackable. Vote bank politics & lack of evidence never allowed the arrest of these clergy in 16 years. In all possibilities they will be sent to gallows considering the destruction of evidences, influencing investigators and considering the moral positions they were holding.

      This s case is going to be a big shame for the Catholic church which could even hide the murder of Pope John Paul 1 (the smiling pope) in 1978 who was the predecessor of Pope John Paul 11. Pope John Paul 1 was found dead in sitting position 33 days after his enthronement in 1978. For more details go to http://www.crc-internet.org/oct84.htm Or type "Pope John Paul 1 murder" in google. This murder was planned and executed allegedly by the italian mafia with the help of Cardinal Villot. Autopsy was not done on Pope's body and embalmed in a hurry. Pope was allegedly murdered for multiple reasons. He was was a humble Pope who refused the luxory authority of Vatican, he planned for major reforms which could have affected the Vatican Incorporated, CIA who wanted to control Vatican to finish the cold war with Russia by installing the unheard Polish Cardinal who became John Paul 11. Poland was a radical communist country which supported Russia. Poland got rid of communism immediately after Pope John Paul 11 landed after his enthronement. Russia's actual fall started with the fall of Poland's communism.

      Why I am highlighting this case here is that the political party(Valarunthorum Pilarukayum Pilarunthorum Valarukayum cheyyunna) and the associate Kottayam set ups which was supporting the culprits of Sister Abhaya case is instrumental in persecuting the Jacobite Church as well. They have influenced CBI headquarters, Chief Chemical Examiner, Crime Branch, then Kottayam DySP, Local Police, Judges etc etc... We need to really appreciate the hardship of CBI officer Varghese P Mathew who voluntarily retired from service when there was 10 year service left on moral grounds and mental pressure for disagreeing to manipulate evidence and not willing to close the case in 1993. He was a staunch supporter of Sister Abhaya action council and money and power couldn't buy that great soul for the evil designs.

      Manorama which reported in the front page with big font size about the court's order to enquire about Jomon Puthenpurackal's background, money sources and human rights activities missed to report the greatest demand he made on 19-Nov-2008 press conference conducted after the arrest of the murderers. Jomon's trustworthy allegations were given prominence than the murder investigation of Sister Abhaya. Manorama purposefully missed Jomon's demand to enquire about the help provided by KM Mani to the culprits and the Delhi trips Mani made to influence Delhi & CBI during each major breaking points in investigation. Mathrubhumi reported the same without any twist.

      Smile in the face of murderers while taken to court even after this much evidence is really amazing and suspicious. What a make they are? How come this much confidence still left on their face? God knows whether this is a drama to counter public anger and there is still an escape route to the convicts. Catholic church's action of making the alleged murderer as the chancellor Kottayam Roopatha & the other murderer as the Principal of a college is highly condemned after it was evident that they are indeed the murderers from past few years. Most of the people know who are the culprits and only lacking thing was lack of evidence as it was kind of totally destroyed and the convicts and helpers were damn confident that nobody on earth can crack this case. There is real God who creates avtars to pursuit the invincible.

      Gigi Thomas
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