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Charity Fund in memory of Dennis John Malloosseril

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  • Prem Mathew Jacob
    Dear Moderators, Dennis John who was killed in the New Jersey church shootout is my first cousin. He was the youngest of us cousins. The following is a message
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2008
      Dear Moderators,

      Dennis John who was killed in the New Jersey church shootout is my first
      cousin. He was the youngest of us cousins. The following is a message
      regarding a Charity Fund that Dennis's family is planing to start. If
      you feel it apt to post this in your forum, please do so.

      Dennis was a great human being with a huge heart. He was always there
      for people who needed any kind of help. His devotion to the church was
      at such a high level, starting with being a Alter boy at the age of 9 to
      becomming the committee member of his church and also an Association
      member of the North American Knanaya Association at this young age.
      Aptly for a person like him, for what he was in his life, his organs
      were donated to needy patients. All of us family pray for the recipients
      of the organs, that they live long. His Wake and Funeral details are
      also given in the below message if it would be useful for our members in
      the US.

      Thank you.

      Prem Mathew Jacob
      Member Id 0909



      This is an appeal to the community to bring out something good from the
      senseless violence that happened in Clifton, NJ on Sunday, November 23,
      2008, shocking us all.

      Details on wake and funeral services for Dennis John Malloosseril are
      given at the bottom of this e-mail.

      We are asking you to support a Charity Fund that the Malloosseril family
      is proposing to start. The money collected will be used to provide
      grants to organizations that work to save young people from getting
      involved in anti-social activities.

      In lieu of flowers for Dennis, the Malloosseril family is asking that
      you make a tax-deductible donation to St. Thomas Knanaya Church,
      Clifton. The Church will designate the donation toward creating the
      Charity Fund mentioned above.

      Please make the check payable to: St. Thomas Knanaya Church, Clifton,
      with a clear note "Charity Fund- Dennis" on the memo line.

      You may mail the check to: St. Thomas Knanaya Church, 186 Third Street,
      Clifton, NJ 07011 Or, you may hand the check to Fr. Abraham Thomas
      Lahayil, Vicar of the Church or to Fr. Jacob Chacko, a close relative of

      Alternately, you may give the check to any of the undersigned and we
      will make sure you receive a receipt from the Church.

      Silvy Perincheril is in serious, but stable, condition and recovering at
      the hospital.

      The body of Reshma James will be flown back to India for funeral
      services. No public viewing is scheduled. The families do not need any
      financial support. Reshma's relatives and friends are taking care of
      air-transport and funeral expenses.

      Following is a brief Bio on Dennis, taken from the Church web site:
      http://www.stthomasnj.org/ <http://www.stthomasnj.org/> . It also gives
      information on schedules for wake and funeral services.

      Dennis John Malloosseril

      Dennis, who lived from Nov 25, 1982- Nov 23, 2008, is the son of
      Johnnykutty (Abraham M. John Malloosseril) and Aleykutty of Hawthorne,
      NJ and brother of Lois John. He was a very beloved family member,
      committee member, and webmaster for his church and he was a very loving
      and caring person who always reached out to others and served both his
      family and church in many ways. As a member, he was always doing
      services for the church in helping with administrative tasks, sending
      out news updates, and always looking to help or do what he can in all
      situations. He wasn't a stranger to anyone, and he had much empathy and
      concern for others.

      Wake and funeral arrangements for Dennis John Malloosseril are as

      Thursday, November 27, 2008 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at the church
      Friday, November 28, 2008 from 5:00 to 9:00 PM at the church

      Church Address: St. Thomas Knanaya Church, 186 Third Street, Clifton,
      NJ 07011

      Holy Mass will take place on Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 9:00 AM at
      the church followed by the funeral service at:

      George Washington Memorial Park
      234 Paramus Road
      Paramus, NJ 07652

      This announcement is being jointly sent out by Kerala Association of NJ
      (KANJ) and World Malayalee Council, NJ
      Sheela Sreekumar - President, Kerala Association of NJ (KANJ) - 732
      A. C. James - Vice President, KANJ - 973 887-1879
      Saji Paul - Secretary, KANJ - 848 391-3609
      Sunny Kurisummoottil - Treasurer, KANJ 732 236-4896
      Abraham Phillipps - Chairman, World Malayalee Council, NJ - 732 786-8588
      John Sachariah - President, WMC, NJ - 908 883-1129
      Jaison Alex - Secretary, WMC, NJ - 908 953-9697
      John Varghese - Treasurer, WMC NJ - 973 580-52
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