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A Supreme Court judgment and Claims

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  • T M Chacko
    Everyday IOC leadership is talking about an IMPLIMENTATION OF AN IMAGINARY SUPREME COURT JUDGEMENT. And now they are in the process of recruiting people to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4 11:03 AM
      Everyday IOC leadership is talking about an IMPLIMENTATION OF AN IMAGINARY SUPREME COURT JUDGEMENT. And now they are in the process of recruiting people to come for a November rally in Kottayam on 16th. Hoardings have started to come up in main junctions. One of the main points mentioned here is the immediate implementation of a Supreme Court Judgment?

      The fact is that nobody knows about such a verdict which IOC is claiming for so many years. Even Supreme Court doesn’t know!! But IOC leadership is talking about such a judgment for the last 13 years since 1995. Earlier ordinary laymen in IOC believed in what their leaderships used to say about this judgment. But now everybody has started to realize the facts. But IOC leadership still believes that they will succeed one day by repeating the lie everyday.

      In the last 13 years IOC has filed so many cases in Supreme Court, High court and local courts with the same or similar requests. The sensational and controversial attempts of former IOC Catholicos to enter Manarcaud, Kothamangalam etc in 2002 were all part of this game. I am not going into the inside stories of their attempts to succeed, that is another part of the story. Except in the cases of five or six parishes and that too based on some lower court judgments which is now being questioned in higher courts, IOC haven’t gained anything. In fact the number of cases in which IOC has failed is much much more, say for example the cases of Mulanthuruthy, Manaracad, Kothamanagalam, Kurinji, Erukkinchira, Kallumkathra, Kattachira and list goes on. Even in the case of Piravom, the elections to parish bodies are conducted and managed by the Jacobite believers based on the Supreme Court judgment. Still IOC talks on about implementing a favourable Supreme Court judgment!!.

      Now what did these people gained from filing all these cases has to be asked to their leadership itself. In private, those close with IOC leadership has admitted that it is certain people who switched over from the Jacobite side like Mohan Vettath, certain advocates and others who had actually gained from these cases while IOC has actually failed in every case. Similar was the fate that IOC leadership had faced in Supreme Court also. The last judgment of Supreme Court a year back, clearly asked IOC’ians who filed the case, to go back to the lower court if they want to make any claim over properties belonging to the Jacobites. So the case is back to the lower court once again and the claims regarding each parish has to start from lower court and finally settle with the Supreme Court. Actually this is exactly what the 1995 Supreme Court judgment has said. These are all facts which everybody knows.

      These IOC-ians knows very well that they don’t have a definite judgment for any implementation and that is why they are adopting a very cunning strategy -- Try to pressurize government !!. And to create such an atmosphere, they believe in making NOISE again and again in every forum. They are after an old proverb which says that TELLING A LIE THOUSAND TIMES MAY MAKE IT A TRUTH. With this strategy in mind they have been pressuring successive governments since 1995. Two Leftist and two Rightist governments were in power in these days. All these years IOC had made many many statements through newspapers. Still nobody including the court has accepted their arguments.

      The latest was the attempt to prevent His Holiness from attending any religious functions. First they filed a case before a single bench of High Court demanding banning of the Patriarchal visit to India. When they failed they went to the bench led by HC Chief Justice itself. Again they failed. To create an impression that violence may erupt if Patriarch visits India, they arranged a preplanned goonda act against Piravom Kurisady on the same day the public meeting was arranged at Ernakulam and then stage-managed another attack the weekend and tried to put all these allegations against the Jacobites and His Holiness visit. However nothing succeeded as they wished. Naturally they became more and more frustrated. In between was their failure in two other cases also. One was their attempt to block the canonization program at Kandanad and other to prevent our Catholica Bava from entering Kothamanagalm Church on our Association day. But again both these requests were rejected by every courts. It is in the midst of all these that IOC is still talking about the implementation of a Supreme judgment by the government!!!

      And IOC leadership continues to believe in the old strategy -REPEAT A LIE THOUSAND TIMES AND MAKE IT A TRUTH ONE DAY !!

      T M Chacko,
      # 0903
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