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His Holiness visit .. Some Views

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  • Dr. Sinoj Abraham Edayanal
    Hai Brothers, The visit of HH to malakara became historical and we Jacobites are spiritually enhanced. Now our church is the recognized syrian orthodox church
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2008
      Hai Brothers,

      The visit of HH to malakara became historical and we Jacobites are spiritually enhanced. Now our church is the recognized syrian orthodox church and the other faction who just seperated from the holy mother church proved themself how diminished society are they will all kind of crookedness.We are not a faction now.. but the true church and they are now the faction. Our good god showered all blessings for the sucess of HH's visit. Under the bold leadership of Our beloved Bava thirumeni and all enriched bishops and priests, Jacobite church is growing and will grow. Our next generation will be proud to be a part of ancient syrian orthodox family.

      Recently I heared from an NRI IOC man here (Who visited kerala during the time of HH visit) that

      "Avarokke nammal vicharikunathilum valarnnu kazhinju. Avaraude
      thirumenimarkkokke enthoru shobaya, avarkku kaasum aalum
      undu..avarude thirumenimar shabkku veendiya pravarthikunathu......
      nammude thirumenimarokke karuthu karivalichu
      oongakuthiyirikkunnu...nammude thirumenimar swnatham pocket
      nirakkunnuu.. kandanadinte oru thirumeni ivide vannu charitykku kaasu
      pirichittu poyi naatil 14 lakh car vaangi nadakkuvaaa......."

      I feel what he said is exactly the right.

      I was just browsing throuh the ICON forum and found the message which I am quoted below. This reveals there are still some priests and layman who has faith in syrian orthodox tradition in Kanjikuzhy faction. I really feel Pity to Fr. Mathai Edayanal of IOC (who is the custodian of IOC chapel at thrikunathu). I verywell know about his activities in my mother parish and nearby and his recognition amoung the common people there, we cant expect anything more than that from him.

      I feel really pity that he is known by my familiy name eventhough his forefathers dont belong to this family tree. Any how i appreciate the thoughts of Fr.Koshy Vaidyan who wrote that message in ICON. You can also see the moderators note below and can understand how IOC is misguiding the common people.

      I uploaded the speech of our gregorious thirumeni in youtube. (Thanks Anoop for giving that). I cannot find anything wrong in it as according to IOC in medias and in their sabha magazine.


      Now our church should also give much attention to parts around the world were we dont have a worshipping place. We should organize movements to coordinate the dissipated families and should bring under the syrian orthodox umbrella.

      In his name
      Dr. Sinoj Abraham Edayanal
      Alberta, Canada.

      Posting from IOC Forum
      During the Dharna at Ernakulam Fr. Mathai Edayanal made an emotional
      speech.In it he said that the Patriarch of Antioch is a thief, robber
      etc. enteringinto our Churches.

      But I think that our priests must be very careful in using such words
      when wespeak about the spiritual head of the Malankara Orthodox
      Church. Yes the Patriarch is the spiritual head of our Church
      according to the Royal court Judgement, 1934 constitution, and
      according to the Supreme court judgment.

      We use his name in the first Thubden and pray for him, and in it we
      consider him as the head of the Church.

      In the first Thubden we pray for the heads of the Churches who rule us
      presently, "Innum Eee Ayushkalathum..." This refers to the present
      rulers, Mar Ignathius and Mar Basseliose. How can you consider
      somebody as the head of your Church and say that he is a thief?
      In the Sundays before and after the speech, Fr. Edayanal remembered
      the Patriarch in the Thubden as the head of the Church. Is it not
      hypocrisy or cowardliness?

      I do not yet understand why we keep and why we cannot remove the name
      of the Patriarch from our Thubden and other prayers.

      Fr.Koshy Vaidyan

      IOC Forum Moderators' Note:
      Dear Achen,

      We do not know whether Fr Mathai Edayanal used the word thief. But
      we have reasons to believe that even if you heard him use the word,
      he did not mean any disrespect to the Patriarch. It would be
      pertinent to remember that in the Bible, Our Lord himself has made a
      distinction between the shepherd and the thief in St John 10:1-
      2: ''Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not
      by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the
      same is a thief and a robber. But he that entereth in by the door is
      the shepherd of the sheep.''

      With all due respect to the present Patriarch of Antioch, we ask: Has
      he ever entered into the Malankara sheep pen through the door, i.e.
      with the consent of its legitimate administrators?

      In the Hoodoyo Canon, it's written clearly that the Patriarch cannot
      enter the diocese of the Catholicos without invitation (Chapter VII:1)

      The same chapter also clarifies that while the catholicos is alive,
      no patriarch can be consecrated without his consent.

      Further, canon No.17 of the Mulanthuruthy Synod of 1876 states
      that ''in all things, dioceses abroad and the Malankara diocese will
      always remain united, and for both, the claims on the Patriarchate of
      Antioch will be the same and the relationship equal and the Majlis
      here and the Majlis there should co-exist in mutual affection, and
      that all arrangements made for the welfare of our church and
      community with the consent of the committee will be held valid''.

      This promise was given to the Malankara Church by Patriarch Peter IV
      himself on his own volition. Thus, if the claims on the Patriarchate
      of Antioch are the same and the relationship equal for both the
      Suryoyos and the children of Malankara, how can we accept the Syriac
      Church Constitution which specifies that bishops from Malankara
      cannot be candidates for the office of the Patriarch?

      At present, one section in Malankara has accepted this most
      discriminatory clause to keep their illegal project going. If the
      Church in Malankara was united under its legitimate Catholicos, we
      would have ensured that the relationship between the two would be
      equal and that the Majlis here and the Majlis there co-existed in
      mutual affection.

      In 1958, the then Patriarch Yakub III accepted the legitimate
      Catholicos of the East. We reciprocated, and when a vacancy to the
      Catholicate came, we invited him as per Article 114 of the 1934
      Constitution to consecrate the new Catholicos. We embraced him and
      honoured him and both the churches prospered in mutual affection.

      Therefore, in summary, the Constitutional rights given by Our Church
      to the Patriarch of Antioch have certain obligations attached to
      them. When these very simple and straightforward obligations are met,
      he will be able to enjoy all the legitimate rights due to him and
      visit his sheep in a manner befitting the shepherd.
      We are no authorities on the matter. But we hope this little note
      clears the air on your doubts.
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