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Koodosh Eatho and 106th Dukrono of Mor Gregorious of Parumala

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  • Dn. Belson Kuriakose
    Dear Respected Members, Praying you are all doing well… This year, November 2nd, has two very important meanings for our Holy Church. On November 2nd, our
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      Dear Respected Members,

      Praying you are all doing well…

      This year, November 2nd, has two very important meanings for our Holy

      On November 2nd, our Holy Church celebrates the Holy feast of Koodosh
      Eatho. Koodosh Eatho, as our Holy Church forefathers have taught us
      through tradition, means the Sanctification of the Holy Church. This
      special day is the New Year's Day for the ecclesiastical (church)
      calendar. By dictionary definition, sanctification is the process of
      purifying something and cleansing it from its impurities and sins; to
      make holy. How do we make a "Holy Church" holy? Like we have
      housewarmings, does Thirumeni or Achen come down and do a "church-
      warming?" Or, do we just go and clean the church of its dirt and
      filth? In this case, neither of these is the correct answer.

      A Holy Church is living and is the House of God. Christ is the head
      of the church and the faithful are the body of the church. As a part
      of the Holy Body, this holy festival prepares ourselves and
      sanctifies ourselves from all the sins, as sin is the object that
      separates man from God. As we enter into a new year, the Holy Church
      teaches us to clean our thoughts and minds.
      Why is it important to sanctify ourselves during this time of New
      Year's (Koodosh Eatho)? As plaque accumulates on your teeth, your
      teeth are prone to getting cavities and decaying. Similarly, living
      in this materialistic and pleasure seeking world, you are prone to
      accumulating SIN on your SOUL. This accumulation of sin can create
      problems in your life and can be detrimental to your relationship
      with God. Hence, the Holy Church teaches us to cleanse ourselves as
      we start the New Year. Through confession and self-repentance, we are
      taught to cleanse ourselves.

      Also on Novemember 2nd, our Holy Church is celebrating the 106th
      dukrono(memory) of Mor Gregorious of Parumala. As you all know, he is
      the patron saint of MGSOSA (Mor Gregorious Syrian Orthodox Student
      Association) and is the first declared saint from Kerala. Let us pray
      that his intercession may be with us, our families, MGSOSA, and most
      especially with our Holy Church.

      As the people around the world remember all the saints and martyrs on
      November 1st, it is important to keep in mind the importance of
      intercessory prayer. Remember, you are not praying TO them, but
      asking them to pray FOR you. Just like your friends and family pray
      for you, so will these righteous and Holy Saints.

      With prayers,
      Dn. Belson Kuriakose
      St. Mary's SOCM, Lynbrook, New York

      Ourupolingum Mor Gregorious,
      Undemelum ninorma,
      uthakaname nin prarthana
      ninormaye bahumanichorkkai….Sthoumenkalos Kurielaison…..

      St Gregorious as in heaven
      Keep we here thy memory
      Hear us as we honor thee
      Thy entreaties be our aid…..Stoumenkalos Kurielaison

      Parisdhanmare ningal
      Prarthippin Karthavodai
      Adikaleyum than kopathin
      Vadikaleyum mayicheedan

      Plead for us, ye holy saints
      Pray to him whose will ye did
      That from anger we be spared
      That from scourage we be hid
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