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Reply to Thomas P regarding Apostolic Church (Part 3)

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  • Paul Philipose
    Dear Thomas P ****I hope you know that the priesthood of non-Calcedonian Antioch is from Alexandria **** First of all, I did not know this. As per the synod
    Message 1 of 1502 , Oct 26, 2002
      Dear Thomas P

      ****I hope you know that the priesthood of
      non-Calcedonian Antioch is from Alexandria ****

      First of all, I did not know this. As per the synod
      at the Nicea there was a see in Antioch and not in
      Kerala or India. So if you are absolutely sure
      that there was a see here in Kerala, contradicting the
      Great synods let it be that way. I don't mind. But
      please don't drag the believers into that. Please.
      Besides, Alexandria and Antioch are in communion and
      there is nothing wrong in getting the priesthood. The
      church canon allows it. But your argument is strange
      because the tradition says that Mark (NOT an
      apostle) went there and established the see after
      getting permission and ordination from the apostle
      Peter. If this is not the case then we have to
      say that 72 disciples and 12 apostles have 'see' or
      churches somewhere. That is not the case.

      >>>>>Also know that in Alexandria, 12 priests could
      ordain a bishop. Mar Ahatallah who allowed such an
      ordination was also ordained by Alexandria.>>>>

      >>>><You try to prove only the Anthiocian connection
      ignoring other Apostolic churches. Pray for unity to
      the Apostles>>>>

      Can you tell me which are the other apostolic
      churches? I don't know any. Show me from the from the
      first 3 synods that there was a 5th church. This
      was the synod where the fathers from ALL Christian
      world attended. If no fathers from any known
      Christian worlds claimed a see or church, then how
      come now, or any one later could make such a claim?

      The argument that each of the apostles has churches is
      just a way of fooling people.

      >>>>Kindly do justice to all Apostles, not just
      Antisocial fanaticism. Work for the peace, unity and
      prosperity of Christians of Indian origin instead of
      converting them to ethnic Syrian identity and <<<<

      First I don't have Anthiochian fanatism. All I said
      was the catholicos faction broke from the church.
      Besides I am not converting anyone to ethic
      Syrian. The word Syrian means it uses Syriac as the
      language of the church, which was the language, Jesus
      spoke. Nothing more. I pray for unity. Do you pray
      for unity too? Unity with whom? No one has said that
      the antiochian church is not holy nor catholic nor
      apostolic. I pray for unity within the church. I pray
      for my sins and beg for forgiveness and pray for unity
      with Jesus Christ. What are you doing? Calling some
      innocent people in Middle East whose forefathers
      struggled for Jesus Christ and died. Moses has prayed
      to God "forgive us because we are sons of Abraham,
      Isaac and Jacob". God heard that. So by talking
      against those people whose fathers died for the church
      you are inviting the wrath of God. They are
      persecuted even today for Jesus. You are blaming
      them.... And also preaching unity. This satanic peace.
      They have done nothing against us. We
      (some) keralites created all the problem. They have
      nothing to loose if you or I goes out of the church.
      They don't get any money from us. We are the
      ones to loose. So I pray for unity. But I fear God
      more. So I stand by what I said. For me God is every
      thing. Church is the basis of every thing (1 Timothy
      3;15). If church says something I obey it, including
      the canon.

      If I had taken a oath in the name of God, I would have
      stood by that even if I die. Besides I BELIEVE EVERY
      WORD in Bible is inspired including Genesis and I DO
      REMEMBER the 10 commandments. Your catholicos went to
      Kerala High court and said "I don't believe in
      Genesis" and "I don't remember all 10 commandments".
      If this is the case he is not suitable for becoming a
      successor to Moses and he has proved it. I do pray
      that the church and apostles are in unity. That unity
      is in Christ. Do you think when Jesus comes for second
      time in his great glory,the apostle Thomas will side
      with you and intercede for you? Probably he will
      judge you for all the crimes you have done.

      Even the great parumala thirumeni, which you claim to
      be your saint, was ordained by the Antioch patriarch
      and he was also secretary to the Patriarch. When the
      Marthoma church broke from our church, he fought for
      the church. When he got land to build a church in
      Parumala he named it ST. PETER and ST PAUL. He was
      always for the Antioch church, not against.

      Can you answer this question?

      "The fact that Abdul Mesiha was not a Patriarch is
      strengthened with further evidences, when it is
      considered that Wattasseril Mar Dionysius went to
      Patriarch Mor Abded'Aloho (Abdulla) II for his
      ordination as Metropolitan, who had succeeded Abdul
      Mesiha, although Abdul Mesiha was living there at
      that time. If Abdul Mesiha was the canonical
      Patriarch, as claimed by the Methran group, then why
      did Wattasseril Mor Dionysius, the father of the
      Methran group GO to THE Patriarch Abded'Aloho II, the
      successor to Abdul Mesiha to get ordained, THIS is
      mysterious. This was the contention of the Jacobite
      Syrians."(Another cheating).

      The Turkish Government sent a letter to The Indian
      Government that - There is no reason for Abdul Mesiha
      To come to India. He is not Patriarch of Antioch. He
      is coming to create trouble-, this is published in
      Madras state journal(I think).

      I have heard that your church historians have said
      that Abdul Mesiha may not be Patriarch, but still has
      ecclesiastical powers and so have apostolic
      succession. Because they argue once if a person got
      it, you cannot take it away. With the same argument,
      they way ougen was never excommunicated from church. I
      ask you one question? Is yuda a apostle? If the church
      heretic Aries consecrates a bishop, will you accept
      him? Yuda was once an apostle, is he now? Aries was
      once a bishop, is he now?

      So even the position catholicos was made from cheating
      and deception. If you cannot read E.M Philip at least
      read this



      Paul Philipose
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