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Reply to Thomas P regarding Apostolic Church (Part 2)

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  • Paul Philipose
    Dear Thomas P ... and died here. You went straight to criticizing the Orthodox Church
    Message 1 of 1502 , Oct 26, 2002
      Dear Thomas P

      >>>>>St. Thomas who came to India representing Christ
      and died here. You went straight to criticizing the
      Orthodox Church<<<<

      THE Apostle Thomas may or may not have come to India.
      There is no proof. If there is any proof it more
      points to the fact that he has not come here. But it
      does not matter. I also believe he came here. I am
      glad he came here. Probably I became a Christian
      because of it. I praise the Lord for sending him here.
      But that was not my point. My point was summarized

      >>>>You went straight to criticizing the Orthodox

      Do you know what the Orthodox Church means? Where it
      got its name from. The council of Nicea, which you
      guys don't accept, defined the church. That is
      church is holy, catholic and apostolic.

      The catholic church gave focus to 'catholic' thinking
      that it means universal as the word catholic in Greek
      means universal. But that is not it's meaning any way.
      Because when church said it was catholic it was very
      small. (For more refer Faith of Syrian Orthodox Church
      by Dr. Kaniyamparambli achan - page 5)

      The word orthodox is also used to mean the church is
      holy. The word holy means the church was established
      by Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit. Since
      Jesus is God and Holy, the church established by Him
      is also holy. This Holy Church compiled the Bible.
      That is why we say Bible is Holy too. The same church
      compiled the Canon and made the rules and regulations.
      Most of which are defined in the 1st three synods. So
      God is Holy. Church is Holy, because God created it.
      No one else can create a church. If created, it does
      not become church and is not holy. So the three great
      holy synods was holy Spirit inspired and made so many
      decisions. So many protestant fellowships spoke
      against those synods. You too are in the group.
      Reject the Holy Spirit inspired decisions of the Holy
      Church. That is not holy in my view. (The protestant
      speakers say so many things, which they claim as Holy
      Spirit inspired. If this is true, then Holy Spirit
      should keep changing the opinions in every century! )

      Because of that you have no right to be called
      Orthodox. Because your Fellowship under your
      Catholicos is not holy. It is not a part of the holy
      Church. Secondly, the usage "Orthodox Syrian" church
      is grammatically wrong. Your fellowship's mission of
      closing the churches and persecuting the believers is
      wrong. Your fellowship's mission of breaking from
      Church is wrong and so you are aptly accepting the
      wrong name also.

      The third word is apostolic. Is your church
      apostolic? You say yes. I say no. Why? The apostolic
      church of Kerala will obey the Synods. Otherwise I
      agree the church has apostolic succession, but
      probably from Yuda. I always wondered about Yuda.
      Jesus told him you are going to cheat Him. What would
      an ordinary person do? He will fall on the feet and
      cry and beg for forgiveness. (Our God is a great God
      who forgave Adam, David (from adultery and kill he
      committed), the thief on the right side, and ever
      apostle Peter). But Yuda was different; he went out
      and did his crime. He had no repentance. He did not
      remember his great position in heaven, but was greedy
      for the little money he could make there. Bible says,
      "Satan entered then"(John 13:27). So satan entered
      when he lost the fear of God. Or when
      he became greedy.
      What is his fate for the pittance he got? Jesus said
      "It would have be better for that man if he had never
      been born" (Mark 14:21).

      contd.... 3

      Paul Philipose
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