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Can we unite again

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  • Jacob Varghese
    My Respected and dear all,   In this Forum and many discussions  there are concerns and suggestions about bringing peace between the two fractions.  There
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2008
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      My Respected and dear all,

      In this Forum and many discussions� there are concerns and suggestions about bringing peace between the two fractions.� There are different� formulas� for the unity and peaceful separation. Still the rivalry� is in its full swing and few people�blame the church leaders for� its continuances.

      Thinking in the spiritual way, bringing peace between the two fraction , the SOC & IOC in the name of Jesus is very essential. What type of unity can bring the final peace to the century old problem?

      As a common man there is always a tug-of-war in my mind between spiritualism and belief.� Spiritualism is not required to explain further.� But regarding the belief, I believe in Jesus Christ, Christianity and Priesthood as a Syrian Jacobite.� I believe the priest hood which is through Moses and Aaron to the world and finally to the priest� who is under the Patriarch of Antioch.�I strongly believe that the chain of priest hood and the blessings are broken when someone deny his spiritual father or says he don't know who has given him priesthood.

      How can I whole heartedly believe and accept the baptism, marriage even a confession & redemption performed by a priest whose ancestors denied their spiritual father and conspiring against his followers till now.� In the heart of heart if we can accept them, then�why we separated in the seventies? Is the so-called unity is now acceptable to everybody? Can we unite together like some political parties do in Kerala?� I am sure that those who really think about the peace talks and unity cannot be blind towards the above feelings.

      Further , when you read this I request you to read the two articles from the IOC Malankara Sabha Deepam Vol. 14 Issue 23,October 1-15. The one is the article by Fr. Dr. M O John and the second one is the decision�of Develokam Catholicose about the peaceful separation of disputed churches.�{The heading of the Fr.M.O John's article is matching to the second article I mentioned here and further the question of Fr. Johni George (page 5) goes to the decision of Devalokam Catholicose.}

      Jacob Varghese
      Id # 4112
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