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When can we unit again? FOR WHAT?

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, This refers the following message by one Mgk and the his love for peace, I doubt how sincere the person behind this name is on his vision/mission of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2008
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      Dear All,

      This refers the following message by one Mgk and the his love for peace, I doubt how sincere the person behind this name is on his vision/mission of peace. I pray for this When can we unite again?
      by: Mgk

      I am personally very much dissatisfied by the attitude of the church leaders of both fractions of the Orthodox Church. They are not taking any positive measures for unification process.

      I still hope that a round table talk can change all these tensions.


      I do have another question on this subject. Why should we unite? For what we should unite?

      As the followers of Nazraen, He commanded us to love our enemies. So for love and peace, we do not have to unite. Without uniting we can love IOC-ians, we can be in peace with IOC-ians.

      In this context I would like to bring my reader's attention to backward in the history. It's nothing to do with the present SOC-IOC conflict, but something else. It happened at the time of the successor of King Solomon. The 10 Tribes of Israel was forced to drift away from Jerusalem under another King Yerobeyam.

      His Kingdom started with the hate of Judea King, but later Yerobeyam
      realized that the people have in their mind the deep rooted faith involved around the Jerusalem Church. The next step he had taken is banned people go to Jerusalem for praying and do the required sacrifices. He then started making the places for sacrifice, praying etc. Thus the 10 Tribes were driven away from the True God and they have been abandoned by the God.

      Exactly the Malankara Church stand now in the same position as it was
      happened in Israel. The United Israel was a nightmare for its adversories, but the divided Israel became target of them. God Himself withdrew His shelter and protection to them. God protected a ramnant for the original mission of making the Israelites, from the David's family. The Great Mesiha was borne in there. Never ever the divided Israle united again, but kept the gates open for the return to the true God. SOC is still keeping its door open to IOC-ians to repent and return, and pray for it. There is no hidden agenda in it. The body of the Christ is unnecessarily bleeding for the last 100+ years. For what? For whom? Who is the beneficiaries? The satanic forces are working against the truth from the 16th centuary. It has been cut into pieces, still a ramnant keep the tradition and faith dearer to them more than anything.

      We, in SOC believe that time and again we have been blessed with true
      leaders to lead us, the chosen one of current time is HB Thomas-I. HB's commitment and sincereity is seen as arrogance by the enemies of the Church.

      While lending our moral support to HB, we pray for the adversaries to come back to the original faith.

      With prayers,
      CJ Varughese
      Mem ID 1012
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