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Re: India's National Anthem is best in the world: UNESCO HOAX

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  • Laby Andrews
    I searched in UNESCO website before forwarding this to any one else but couldn t find any info about this news. According to this story, UNESCO (United Nations
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 25, 2008
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      I searched in UNESCO website before forwarding this to any one else
      but couldn't find any info about this news.

      According to this story, UNESCO (United Nations Educational,
      Scientific and Cultural Organization), has announced that the Indian
      National Anthem is the best in the world.
      Indian Flag
      Claims that UNESCO has chosen the Indian National Anthem as the best
      in the world appear to be unfounded
      The story is currently circulating via email, and has also been posted
      to many blogs and forums, especially those that target an Indian audience.

      However, I could not find any evidence whatsoever that confirms the
      rather fanciful claim in the message. There is nothing about such an
      announcement on the UNESCO website, nor are there any credible news
      reports that back up the claim in any way. If such an announcement was
      true, it seems very likely that it would have been widely reported -
      and one would suspect, hotly debated - in media outlets both in India
      and around the world.

      Thus, it seems apparent that the story is no more than another
      pointless Internet rumour with no basis in fact.

      As its name suggests, UNESCO conducts very important work on an
      international scale in the spheres of education, science and culture.
      Therefore, it seems extremely unlikely that UNESCO would waste its
      valuable time and resources on the rather frivolous, and ultimately
      meaningless, exercise of nominating the world's best national anthem.

      And, in any case, even if an organization did choose a particular
      country's anthem as the best in the world, it is doubtful that the
      choice would be given much credence by nations other than the supposed
      "winner". Just how "good" a particular national anthem might be
      considered is an extremely subjective matter. Quite understandably,
      patriots in many nations are apt to view their own anthem as "the
      best" and are unlikely to be swayed from this opinion by even an
      organization as prestigious as UNESCO.

      Laby Andrews

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Salem Voice Ministries wrote:
      > New Delhi, SVM News, September 25, 2008: UNESCO announces that the
      > Indian national Anthem "Jana Gana Mana ...." is the best National
      > Anthem in the world.

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