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Kadamattom , Poyedam and Wadakara Churches

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  • Apu Jose
    Dear readers, I would like to list some of unchristian practices in these Churches. Kadamattom church Kadamattomattu Achen, the legendary father of this church
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2008
      Dear readers,

      I would like to list some of unchristian practices in these Churches.

      Kadamattom church

      Kadamattomattu Achen, the legendary father of this church is credited to have a lot of supernatural powers .But , there doubts on what kind of spiritual power the father depended on . It is said he was taught magic and socerey by tribals called "Malaarayans " . He is also said to have accepted an "elasse" ( a kind of magical charm whichs invokes prayers to the "god of the Malaarayans ").He said to have used the magic against his opponents , defeated a famed Hindu brahmin magician and taught magic to different people . He gave rise to a new school of magic called "Kadamattathu Sambradayam". It is rumoured that it still exist now.When St Gregorious Abdul Jaleel bava visited the Church , he said to have warned the achen against these kind of practices.There was said to some kind of "prathista" (idol) at this place whom , I guess people must have worshipped since I have read in the biography of St Ostathios Sleeba bava ( available on internet) that bava is said to have destroyed this "prathista".

      Now coming to the different kinds of unchristian practices in connected with this Church

      1. Magic done for the good of the human beings( white magic) or for the bad(black magic) is banned for a christian. A christian is supposed to depend only on the power of Lord through Holy sacraments, prayers, intercessary prayer of the saints, relics etc. Achen depended on other powers. Therefore he cannot be called a saint, .But, I think there are people who pray for his intercession or pray to him.

      2. This church has a qurbana called "Acheninte Qurbana" which is done on Saturdays by both our Church father and Indian Orthodox faction father. I would like to know whether this is right or wrong practice according to our Church canons.

      3. There is tomb in this Church, which is said to have been discovered some 20 to 30 years back. People in these parts say that it is achen's tomb. They pray and light candles at the tomb seeking his intercession ( which I think is not a right practice as he cannot be considered a saint) and they reverently touch the tomb thinking it is the relic of some saint .This tomb can either be of any lay person as lay people used to be buried inside ancient churches many years back or it can be of Mor Thoma IX ( or X, sorry i am not sure ).Mor Thoma IX was said to be a man who led a very pious life. But, the priestly ordination he got was not valid. So, due to some circumstances he was stripped of his priestly vestments. He said to have lived his rest of his life in Kadamattom pally. The said tomb is in the horizontal position, so the chances the tomb must have been his , since he did not have the positon of a Metropolitan to be buried sitting.

      4. The festival in this Church is someday in February. Is this festival in the name of the achen?

      5. It is said that magicians consider this place as a holy place. There in a well(kinar), near the Poyedam Church near the Kadamattom Church, which is supposed to be the way by which achen went pathala to meet the tribals. There is a cross, a lamp, some candles and an primitive tribal kind of altar. This where the worshippers of achen(both Hindu and Christian ) light the lamp, and offer cock sacrifice and arrack (charayam) in the name of Achen.This practice is said to have started by achen's pupils(magical arts). I think after Old testament times, animal sacrifice is banned for our Chuirch . This sacrifice is offered to a some diety in achen's name which is not the true God. This violates the first commandment.

      6. There is also another thing called "Kadamattatthu Seva. This is a kind of ancestor worship, which again is banned for us Christians . This, seva involves some kind of fasting, keeping some kind of offering in some room etc. This practice is supposed to have passed from generation to generation. It is said that some kind of mishap will happen to the family if the next generation does not take it up. I think this practice is wholly anti christian and involves worshipping some diety other than the true God.

      Poyedam Church

      1. The altar in this Church has got a Crucifix, which is a cross containing Jesus Christ nailed on it. According to the Orthodox concept, this is an idol. Our Church worships the Risen Christ . As St paul says whatever I preach is in vain, if Christ hasnot risen up. We look towards Risen up Christ for worship rather than Christ nailed on the cross.

      2. I guess there are also statues of Mother of God and St .George in the Church. We Syrian Orthodox do not keep 3 dimensional icons as we consider them as idols. We keep only 2 dimensional icons like pictures.

      Wadakara Church

      1. In the cemetary of this Church , ther is a tomb of a Rev. Deacon, whom the people of this area calls " Arimbara Achen ". His tomb is supposed to have powers in removing "arimbara"(warts) from ones body. People here offer neyiappam the size of arimbaras on his tomb as sign of gratefulness. The information I got from the palli Counter is that, the Rev Dn was involved in some kind of Magic (mantravatham ) and "koodathram". People, innocently think of him as holy and consider him a saint. During the time of receiver bharanam (rule), they constucted a bulding over the tomb and installed a picture showing him to be a priest. Gullible people started considering him a saint and started seeking his intercessary prayer.

      Our Church needs to take some kind of strict action against these kind of evil practices creeping into our Church and protect the Holy Syrian Orthodox faith from such contamination. I would like to know the opinions of the learned members of this forum. I beg the Bishops, priests and the laity of this forum to respond to this subject.

      Apu Jose
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