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Message of Peace, Love and Harmony

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  • Saju C.Varghese
    Greetings to all! Message of Peace, Love and Harmony This time after the news from media and other communications regarding Bomb explosion and attack on
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2008
      Greetings to all!

      Message of Peace, Love and Harmony

      This time after the news from media and other communications regarding Bomb explosion and attack on Christian community, many leaders whether political or religious got disturbed equally about their power. After all, all human being created by the GOD. Without his knowledge, nothing is happening in the world. He will take care of everything. Whether Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Hindu without any discrimination GOD created human being.

      Bringing peace into our daily lives and into the community and world. We are most delighted to speak on this topic again indeed.

      It is very important to first note that to even want peace or wish for peace sends a powerful prayer to the universe. Peace is more than just a kind notion - it is a powerful action. The word itself will induce a sense of security and calm. Therefore, to merely think of peace or speak the word aloud or to yourself silently - begins to create the sense of peace you are looking for.

      Peace brings about love and harmony. These three principals work in conjunction with one another to create a very important trinity or triangle. The triangle is a very powerful symbol and works wonders. So Peace, Love and Harmony are all intersected principals or "powers" working together. You cannot have peace without first having love and with love and peace comes harmony. So when you meditate on peace, love and harmony, you are really bringing in the divine aspects of the universe. These three principals will transform all matter and situations.

      When you focus on peace you will deliver peace to not only yourself but to your immediate circle and the world as well. You will find that matters will flow more smoothly, situations will be easier, people will be kinder. Through peace you will find yourself closer to One, closer to your higher self. Peace elevates all emotions to the higher realms. With Peace All is Well. Acceptance is a very nice outcome of peace. For peace transforms judgment and criticism into love, light -which brings about acceptance.

      Please remember that peace is not just a thought - it is indeed a powerful action that can bring about great transformation. Use peace to help you through our daily lives and you will be helping the world become a better place along the way.

      Pass this message of Peace, Love and Harmony to all creation. Respect, love and care all human being. Understand that all human being as GODs creation as well GOD. Without any discrimination, cast colour, big or small. And There you can see the GOD almighty. There is a plan about each one of us by GOD. Understand and make understand all human being.

      With love and peace,

      Saju C.Varghese
      New Delhi
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