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Attack against Christians- lack of sympathy

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  • George Thoppil
    Dear all, The attack on Christians in Orissa seems to have attracted only lukewarm sympathy, in spite of the large scale of destruction to poor Christians,
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      Dear all,

      The attack on Christians in Orissa seems to have attracted only lukewarm sympathy, in spite of the large scale of destruction to poor Christians, their homes, churches and other institutions. Even after its spread to Bangalore, Mangalore and Kasargod, we find the same attitude from most in governments, intellectuals, and public at large.

      A peaceful, small community, which is not capable of even defending itself, let alone causing harm to others, ought to have more support in such times. We clearly lack the goodwill of those around us.

      There was a time when the Christian community was known for noble service. Christian bishops and priests were treated with reverence. Now, people seem to believe that there are other motives for our Service.

      If the means and ends of our activities in Orissa were to emulate the Love, kindness and humility of Christ Jesus, people wouuld have hesitated to attack our people. The urgency with which we ‘served’ to win them over, have alienated the new and old Christians from others. Surely we have failed to set ourselves as examples, to radiate the love and beauty of Christ, and have helped the Bajrang Dal and other such organizations to convince the local people that we are a threat and must be wiped out.

      Can we think of ourselves- Christians- as a good people? There is a rush of greedy and crooked people in most parishes competing to get into various committees, for priests to become bishops, bishops to own schools and colleges to administer, and for denominations to capture church properties and outsmart other denominations. The infighting within and between churches point to general decay of our trustworthiness as Christians. Why bring in more people into our midst to destroy them also?

      Church leaders have over reacted to the text book issue. The text books can do no more harm than the Image of Christian schools and colleges as greedy money making enterprises, to belief in the God preached by the patrons of such institutions.

      Do WE believe that these institutions (run by christian churches) serve atleast its’own poor members? Have we taken the initiative to take in poor children to educate and prepare them to work with the Church in its duty to serve the community?

      Christian engineering and medical colleges could not match even the reasonableness of the non-christian institutions.

      If we cannot run schools and colleges that can educate a good proportion of poor / brilliant students, and get them to serve the Church’s obligations to the society and nation, we must refrain from such activities. It is better to restrict ourselves to within our churches and monasteries.

      Coming to monasteries, do we have any monasteries? And are there Godly men (other than bishops who are too busy with administration), who want to lead a monastic life and pray for the world and for our own Jacobite Syriac Orthodox church.

      We can only pray to not let us–Christians–to be a reason for the world to hate Jesus.

      George Thoppil
      ID 2426
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