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Re: About Church Liturgy and Custom in Madbaho.

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  • Babu Jacob Nadayil
    Dear Brother Eldose, Almost all your questions will have answers in the book called A Guide To The Altar Assistants authored in July 2005 by the learned Very
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10, 2008
      Dear Brother Eldose,

      Almost all your questions will have answers in the book called "A
      Guide To The Altar Assistants" authored in July 2005 by the learned
      Very Rev.(Dr)Kuriakose Corepiscopos Moolayil. This book can be
      availed from Mor Adai Study Center, Cheeranchira,Changanassery,
      Kottayam-686106, Kerala or by contacting respected Achen at Phone:
      (+91) 481 272 4353 Mobile: 944 620 3002.

      I am serving in owe at the fiery Holy Throne of God as Altar
      Assistant for many decades and I am still clearing my doubts and
      learning about the customs and traditions of the Holy Church. I am
      well aware that I will never be able to become a pundit or to know
      the depth or meanings of everything of this precious Church of our
      Lord within my life time, the depth is immeasurable Dear Eldose and
      our life is too short.

      About your questions:

      (1) We, in USA, remember Saint Mor Greegorios Abdul Jaleel(not Mor Abdul Jaleel)in the 5th Thubden just after the name of Saint Mor Greegorios of Malankara.

      (2)No bowing down towards people before folding the Holy Sosappa and no pausing while reading the Creed

      (3)As far as I know, in all our Malankara Churches the Evengelion Stand is kept closer at the south side of the Holy Altar except at Manjanikkara Monastery and Karingachira St.George Cathedral where it is kept at the north side, closer to the Holy Altar. But at our Syrian Churches it is kept at the western middle end of the Sanctuary

      (4)None of the Altar Assistants are allowed to exit the Holy Sanctuary for other than imminent emergency during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

      (5)For the answer to this question I will also wait with you for H.G.Mor Deevannasios Methrachen's response.

      May God bless us.

      Babu Jacob Nadayil

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Eldose wrote:
      > Barekhmore,
      > With a humble sense, I wish to forward this doubts which I have
      > recently experienced in one of church.
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