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Devotional Thoughts for 4th Sunday after the Feast of Soonoyo - 7th Sep 08

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  • Jose Kurian Puliyeril
    Devotional Thoughts for 4th Sunday after the Feast of Soonoyo - 7th Sep 08 Reading: from the Gospel according to St. Mark 6: 1-6 Dear and Respected Brethren,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2008
      Devotional Thoughts for 4th Sunday after the Feast of Soonoyo - 7th
      Sep 08

      Reading: from the Gospel according to St. Mark 6: 1-6

      Dear and Respected Brethren,

      In today's reading we find the bitter experiences faced by our Lord
      Jesus in his own country. As usual, as soon as He entered his own
      country, he started his teaching mission, healing mission and the
      feeding mission. The local people who were present there had a
      feeling that they knew Jesus well; they knew his close ones, one
      after the other. But a thought was disturbing them much. They were
      really astonished in the divine wisdom shared and distributed by Lord
      Jesus. So also they were worried from where He was getting the power
      to cure the sick. They were really surprised in from where has this
      man these things? Though they tried to find the answer for the same,
      but they could not find. When our Lord said that He is the bread of
      life that came down from heaven, the Jews expressed the same sort of
      questioning. (St. John 6: 42) According to their information, our
      Lord was illiterate. So it was just for them to think about the
      source of the wisdom that was expressed by Lord Jesus often. So they
      asked "How this man knows letters, having never learned." (St. John
      7:15) In the 3rd verse of today's reading they are asking: "Is he not
      the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James and Joses and of
      Juda and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us? Please
      underline the word used by St. Mark to identify the nature of those
      people. (They were offended at him)

      What is the reason for getting offended at him? Did Lord Jesus do
      something against them or their tribe? Did Lord Jesus abuse them or
      attack them? If some one would ask hundred questions to find out the
      reason for their psychological stand, it would be an utter failure.
      They could not appreciate or follow what Jesus did. They could not
      accept what Lord Jesus did for the poor and needy. It was a
      psychological disorder and such an ill fate might dominate any one at
      any time. If we would analyze our own dealings with others in the
      contemporary world, we would find or locate the instances when and
      where we might have acted in the same spirit. If there are incidents
      in our lives, we will have to put an end to such a deed. In our
      personal lives, strictly in our family dealings, this might happen.
      Jealousy, hatred and selfishness are the reasons for such a disorder.
      We should not allow the same type of disorder to grow among us. Let
      us be straight and co-operative to anyone. We are supposed to spread
      the love of God and not the hatred and jealousy of Satan.

      When the Jews around our Lord were whispering among themselves, our
      Lord understood what they were talking. So He said "A Prophet is not
      without honor but in his own country and among his own kind, and in
      his own house". Is this very true of us? Could we accept our
      spiritual leaders in the same status held by them? If we cannot
      accept a spiritual leader in the same position held by him, we are
      not worthy to be called Christians. We often chase his family
      history, the dealings of the person during his school or college days
      in accordance with the information we get from here and there. Slowly
      let us think the reason for assessing the spiritual leaders in
      accordance with our false information? In many cases we are
      identifying ourselves to the Jews who were there to question our Lord
      Jesus Christ. Let us try to accept the praiseworthy honor worthy as
      they are. Let us avoid unnecessary evaluations and estimations about
      others. Let us be free and open in our deals with others.

      St. Mark records that our Lord could not do much of his works there
      because of their poor unbelief. In verse 6 we find that our Lord got
      marveled because of their unbelief. Let our Lord not get marveled at
      us. Let Him be pleased in our innocent and sincere behavior and
      strong and staunch faith and belief. During these days we all are
      observing the 8 days Lent to honor the Birthday of St. Mary, Virgin
      Mother of God. Let our prayers and fasting and the lent during these
      days be pleasing to God Almighy and Let Him shower His choicest
      blessings especially in the intercession of our St. Mary, our refuge
      for all the time.

      May God Almighty enable us to build up a strong and systematic
      spirituality among us and in our Church life. May God bless us all.

      Jose Kurian Puliyeril.
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