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About St.Mary, Manarcadu Church, Allegations by William Darlymple

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  • Eldose T J
    This has reference to a recent allegative article about St.Mary and Manarcard church with Hindu temples that came in Outlook magazine. (IOC kept this as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2008
      This has reference to a recent allegative article about St.Mary and
      Manarcard church with Hindu temples that came in Outlook magazine.
      (IOC kept this as a headline in thier website for long time now...!)

      I wish to strongly condemn the author's (reported to be an award
      winner!)on the following grounds:

      1. Difference in the way Jacobite Syrian Othodox Church see St.Mary and Hindus see thier Bhagavathy. Our church recognise Lord Jesus Christ as the only Saver of this world and treat others as the way to him. St.Mary is the eternal mother of Jusus who took the form of man (Word to womb). Our church consider her as a Mediator and not as a Final person to decide. She is a way to God or a mediator between us and God. But Hindus treat thier Bhagavathy as a form of God, which means that thier Bhagavathy can finalise!They believes in different incarnations of God which our church dont accept.

      2. Allegation that our church officially attend thier temple rituls and spiritual functions is baseless. India is a country of diversity where different culture,language and customs prevails in various parts the country and soceity. Being basically a Hindu dominant nation, adaptability to match the prevailing custom and tradition of the country had a key role to reach into common people. On this process, our church has taken some the practices like Thalikkettu in marriage. These are social reform which is not prevailing in Western Culture of the same Church.

      3. On Religious Tolerence end, might leaders of the church might have
      atttended some meetings, that will be based on the Religious Tolerence part and has nothing to do with diluting the true faith and spirit of the church.

      4 Unlike western countries were christianity was predominent, they
      never experienced any requirement of of tolerence in this regard until Islam came in, which is throwing much allegations from inside itself than from external forces like fanaticsm thats prevailing at the moment in India.

      5. Our custom,tradition and faith has more been influanced by
      Christianity from Antioch and in the West were cultural and custom
      difference still prevailing between the East and West.

      6. There is a lot of localisation and myths from Non Christians which
      they claims St.Mary as sister of bhagavathy!, St.thomas with
      Kodungalloor Bhagavathy and Shiva with Three wise men in Piravom...!
      All these are just myths being created just keep own people with
      themselves as these saints of the Christianity neither were born here.

      Christianity, being basically a migrated religion to India and those
      propagating it was born in abroad on earlydays,its absurd stupdity for anyone to think or imagine on being a brother or sister...! It would be saying like some one born and bought in America is my sister or Brother for me whom I am born and bought up in India though we never met or knows each other..!

      I would strongly invite criticsm to this veiw from members of this
      members here.

      Thanks and prayers,
      Eldose T J
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