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MP-Flash...Schools attacked by Bajrangis and VHP terrorists

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  • Fr. Anand Muttungal
    Schools Attacked in Madhya Pradesh Bhopal : Five Schools and a Church attacked in Madhya Pradesh following the protest closure of institutions, on 29th August
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2008
      Schools Attacked in Madhya Pradesh

      Bhopal : Five Schools and a Church attacked in Madhya Pradesh
      following the protest closure of institutions, on 29th August 2008,
      run by the Christian community in Madhya Pradesh. The members
      belonging to the VHP, Bajrangdal and other organizations carried out
      these attacks in Gwaliar district, Barwani district and a Church in
      Gwaliar district.

      Fr. John Xaiver , Vicar General of Gwaliar diocese, said ,"the
      protesters came to four of our Christian schools shouting slogans
      against Christians , the police reached in time. Therefore damage
      was controlled." After visiting the affected schools and Church
      Advocate Raju Francis , the Vice President of the Madhya Pradesh
      Isai Mahasangh , called on the people of Madhya Pradesh to develop
      courage to face any impending incidents.

      The schools attacked in Gwaliar are , Carmel Convent school, St.
      Teresa's School , St. Paul School and St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran
      School. Sr. Theodoerit, principal Carmel Convent school said, "they
      came and started shouting slogans and braking whatever was in their
      vicinity. Christians and police came in time so damage limited." In
      the St. Paul Lutheran School the situation is worse their school and
      school bus which was out side parked was attacked. Rev. S P Das is
      the principal of this school. Fr. Nixon , the principal of St.
      Teresa's school said that the miscreants destroyed many things in a
      short time. They entered the Church before they could do any thing
      people and police came to the campus and they went away shouting

      In Barvani a large group of VHP and Bajrangdal members came to the
      school on 28th August itself protesting the closure of the school.
      Principal Fr. Jose P A said ,"I have closed the school, I have
      clearly conveyed this to the protesters that the management will
      abide by the decisions of the CBCI, the highest decisions making
      body of the Catholic Church.

      Mr. Kurishinkal Joshi , President of the Madhya Pradesh Isai
      said "the protest is complete in Madhya Pradesh , along with
      Catholic institutions the non-catholic institutions too joined the
      protest. We had said all our district units to talk to all Christian
      institutions to close institutions as a mark of our respect towards
      those who died."

      Fr. Anand Muttungal, the PRO & Spokesperson, Catholic Council of
      Bishops and coordinator of the M. P Isai Mahasangh , said, "We must
      not be happy with the closure of institutions but continue to helpo
      the victims, We are holding a Srandhanjali Sabha,(Gathering to pay
      tribute to those died in riots), to pay our respect to the deceased
      and ask God's blessing to face all situations. After this a Vehicle
      Rally will be taken out to the Madhya Pradesh Congress Party State
      Head Office in Bhopal. We will submit a memorandum addressed to UPA
      Chair person Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. This is to appeal to the Central
      Government to initiate steps to contain the violence."

      Bhopal district president of the M. P Isai Mahasang, Mr. Antony John
      said, " the congress seems to be equally responsible for the worst
      situation in Orissa. It took long time to act and it gave the
      rioters time to attack more Christians."

      Fr. Anand Muttungal

      PRO & Spokesperson

      Catholic Council of Bishops, M. P

      www. mpcatholicinfo. org
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