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Paul Ciniraj Resigned from the Salem Voice Ministries

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  • Saji Iype
    Paul Ciniraj Resigned from the Salem Voice Ministries. Kottayam (India), SVM News, August 05, 2008: We are sad to announce that Paul Ciniraj, the esteemed
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      Paul Ciniraj Resigned from the Salem Voice Ministries.

      Kottayam (India), SVM News, August 05, 2008: We are sad to announce
      that Paul Ciniraj, the esteemed founder and the Director of the
      Salem Voice Ministries resigned from the Directorship of the SVM.

      Paul Ciniraj was under treatment for "leukemia" since last January.
      Recently it was found that the Lord has healed him from leukemia,
      but he was affected by liver cirrhosis and undergoing its treatment.
      Doctors say cancer medication and treatments are very hard on the
      body and they may cure the cancer, but can create other medical
      issues like liver cirrhosis and other major sickness.

      Paul Ciniraj Mohamed resigned from the Salem Voice Ministries at the
      General Body which was held during the month of April. But the
      General Body compelled him to withdraw the resignation and
      unanimously re-elected him as its Director. So he was continuing the

      Recently he found uncomfortable in the position of directorship
      because of unhealthy situation, he called for a special Governing
      Board meeting and declared his resignation again. Then he handed
      over all the records to Rev. Shaji Ipe, the secretary of the SVM.

      Dr. Paul Ciniraj said in the meeting, "Lord Jesus has saved me from
      sin and death. And Lord has chosen me for His ministry. I believe I
      have faithfully and truthfully done it according the Word of God by
      the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Whenever our Lord thinks my service
      is enough in this world, He has to call me back at any time to be
      with Him. I am always ready for it".

      "I never earned or gain anything worldly for my wife and children
      from the ministry. I hand over the ministry and all of its assests,
      programmes and activities to the Governing Board in which my wife or
      children are not the members", Paul Ciniraj continued.

      "Our Lord weighs our minds and hearts. He knows all of us very well.
      Do not misuse His physical and economical gifts for worldly
      pleasures like the sons of the Prophet Samuel. Do not misuse His
      spiritual gifts like Ba'laam. Yet we may be reviled, persecuted and
      experienced all manner of evil against us falsely. Certainly It
      strengthen our spirituality when it comes from gentiles and
      outcasters. But it is very difficult to tolerate if it comes from
      our dear brotheren of whom we love and trust in the name of Jesus.
      They may be called as missionaries, pastors and evangelists. Such
      experiences from them will make us desperate, depress and
      discourage. It affect both our body and spirit".

      "This so called Christians may have power of money, power of the
      support of foreign agencies and power of human strength which they
      might have bought from money or throwing them some favours and small
      positions; but they may not belong to God. Those are false
      currencies or coins. They not know what they do. The Word of God
      teaches that they are the enemies of the Cross of Christ. Whose end
      is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in
      their shame, who mind earthly things" (Phil 3:18-19).

      "But we must careful that there are true and valuable currencies. It
      is indeed necessary for any transactions. That's why false
      currencies are spreading widely. But realise the false currencies
      have no value and it is to be destructed. Also handling the false
      currencies is a big crime. So distinguish the good and evil spirits.
      Our Lord allows the tares with the wheat together until the harvest.
      So recognise them by their fruits. Don't be cheated. Our Lord is the
      Burning Fire too", Pastor Paul Ciniraj said.

      "The harvest is plentiful; but the labourers are few. So our Lord
      asked to pray to the owner of the harvest for sending suitable
      labourers. In certain places, there were such a vast and beautiful
      harvest to reap. But unsuitable labourers got down the field and
      reaped some of it for their own use (not for the Lord) and
      destructed the rest of the harvest and soil became hard by their
      feet and made the fields desert. Even no more cultivation is
      possible. Then how can we reap? India is a best example for it.
      60% of the land of the Kingdom of Israel is desert. It is not too
      far those desert lands can be formed as gardens. It can be possible
      by culturing the sea-water and make it flow to the desert lands.
      The Bride Church of our Lord is called as the Israel of the New
      Covenent. Certainly still there are plenty of harvest to reap, but
      not full of harvest. Harvest must be reaped. But at the same time
      60% of the New Covenant Israel also keep going on desert land. We
      have to sow the seed. Before sowing the seed, the land must be
      plouged and watered. Water must be coming from the sea as cultured,
      useful drinking water.

      Sea water is salty and it is the synonym of sin. The religions of
      Muslims, Hindus, Budhists, Communists, Nominal Christians etc.around
      us are great oceans. By our deep faith and prayer we can culture the
      salty oceanic water which is sins of this world by the precious
      blood of Jesus and make it flow to the desert minded hearts and
      plough it by our loving deeds and dedicated services by the Holy
      Spirit and sow the seed of the Word of God. The Kingdom of God is
      not barren. There is no desert. There is no sea. It is the
      tabernacle of God with HIS Bride and He will be dwelling among us.
      For that we have to serve the Lord. He is not a Godly labourer, if a
      person comes for harvest without thinking of how such a desert land
      makes plenty of harvest. So sow with tears and reap with cheers,"
      Paul Ciniraj added in the meeting.

      Paul Ciniraj was a Muslim by birth, accepted Lord Jesus as his
      personal saviour and converted into Christianity in his early
      twenties while he was studying in the university. Since last 33
      years he was serving the Lord and won thousands upon thousands of
      souls unto the fold of Jesus Christ, especially from Muslim
      community. He is a prominent Gospel preacher in India. Many times he
      was beaten, attacked, burnt and poisoned. Still he is being

      Mercy is the wife of Paul Ciniraj, a member from the Roman Catholic
      Church who accepted Lord Jesus as personal saviour and involving
      ministries with her husband. They have two sons and a daughter.
      Elder son Besly is a biginner student of the Aircraft Maintenance
      Engineering. Daughter Hepzy is a Bible College student as well as
      studying first year Degree Course. Younger son Lesly studying VIII
      grade in a Hih School.

      Kindly pray for this family. Also pray for his good health and total
      healing. They have no income to maintain their family and educate
      their children. Due to the financial crisis, his family suffered a
      lot for his recent treatments too. Also they suffered to get
      admissions for children's education. SVM Governing Board requested
      him to be the Patron of the society. But he is not willing to serve
      as a patron too.

      Once again we thank Paul Ciniraj and family and offer our prayers on
      behalf of the prayer partners and well wishers of the Salem Voice
      Ministries. We request his prayers and guidance again and again.

      Contact Paul Ciniraj and family by email ID: mercyciniraj@...
      Email ID of SVM (Salem Voice Ministries): salemvoice@...
      Support SVM and its projects: http://salemvoice.org/contact.html

      Saji Iype
      Salem Voice Ministries
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