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Biographies of new metropolitan-elects of the Church

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  • John Philip
    http://www.SyrianChurch.org Biographies of new Metropolitan-designates 1. Fr. Kuriakose T Abraham, Pulliat Thukalan Fr. Kuriakose T Abraham, the
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      Biographies of new Metropolitan-designates

      1. Fr. Kuriakose T Abraham, Pulliat Thukalan

      Fr. Kuriakose T Abraham, the bishop-designate for the Idukki diocese was born on August 10, 1967 as the son of T P Abraham and Saramma of the Pulliattu Thukalan family of Mulanthuruthy. They belongs to the old Morth Mariam Church at Kandanad.

      Fr. Kuriakose received his Bachelors degree in Physics from the Ernakulam Albert College in 1988 after which he joined for the diploma course in the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary, Vettikkal and completed it successfully. In 1996 he was awarded the degree of Bachelor in Divinity from the Sermapore University, Calcutta. Later he successfully completed different courses, in ECUMENICAL THEOLOGY (from ISET, Bangalore), in COMMUNICATION (from the "Gurukul Lutheran Theological College", Chennai) and in TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (from P.O.C, Kochi). In 2006, he received the doctoral degree in Social Psychology from the open International University for Complementary Medicines.

      It was H.G. Mor Gregorios Joseph, the Metropolitan of Kochi diocese who ordained Fr. Kuriakose, both as 'Kooroyo' and 'Kassisso'. Fr. Kuriakose who had earlier served as Vicars in the Mulanthuruthy Marthoman Church, the Cherai St. George Church and the Cherai St. Mary's Valiyapally, is currently the vicar of Kulayettikkara St. George Church in Kochi diocese. At present he is the Vice President of the Antioch Faith protection Movement of Kochi diocese, Director of St. Mary's New Jerusalem Prayer Fellowship, Mulanthuruthy and Vice-Patron of St. Thomas Charitable Trust, Mulanthuruthy.

      2. Fr. Ullas Varkey, Vettikkunnel

      Fr. Ullas Varkey, the bishop-elect for the newly formed diocese of Calicut was born on August 24, 1972 to Vettikkunnel Varkey Abraham and Saramma of Mangalore. The family originally belonged to Manarcad in Kottayam district; they migrated to Mangalore about 60 years before. At present they are members of the St. Antony’s Church in Jeppu, Mangalore.

      It was from the Karnataka University that he received his Bachelors degree. His Post-Graduation in Sociology was from the Mysore university. From Sermapore University he received the Bachelors in Divinity and Masters of Theology (NIIPGIS) degrees. His seminary education was at the Manjinikkara Dayro (1989-90) and Vettikkal M.S.O.T Seminary (1994-98).

      He was ordained "Koroyoo" on May 27, 1990 by Mor Osthatheos Benyamin Joseph, the late lamented Metropolitan of Simhasana churches, and "Kassisso" on May 15, 1998 by Mor Polycarpus Geevarghese, the senior Metropolitan of Evangelical Association of the East. Before assuming the general charge of the various newly formed congregations of Australia in 2006, he had served as Vicar of the churches in Karnataka, Rajasthan, West Bengal and New Delhi. For a while he had been the managers of St. Antony's Educational Society (Honnavar Mission), Karnataka and the bishops house of the Evangelical Association of the East, Perumbavoor and was also the superior of St. Thomas Orphanage in Perumbavoor.

      For photos & other details visit,
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