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Publishing the Chronichle of Michael the Syrian

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  • Dr. George A. Kiraz
    Dear All Last month, during a Symposium on Mar Jacob of Edessa held in Aleppo, the Edessan Community—for the first time in history—gave permission for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2008
      Dear All

      Last month, during a Symposium on Mar Jacob of Edessa held in Aleppo, the Edessan Community�for the first time in history�gave permission for the publication of the History of Michael Rabo, in a special arrangement with Dr. Sebastian Brock and Dr. George A. Kiraz. The community possesses the only manuscript of this history. No scholar in the past was given access and publication permission. But with the efforts of the Edessan community and wise management of Bishop Mor Gregorios Yuhanna Ibrahim, permission was granted last month. Bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim himself will edit this volume.

      It was one of the shortest and most important decisions in my life, that of the publication of the Chronicle of Mor Michael Rabo. I consider it one of the miracles of Mor Yacoub d'Urhoy, this great malfono and saint. He was behind the decision for this publication. It is after almost 500 years that this manuscript is kept in different places. Now the scholars and all those who are interested in this chronicle will enjoy this decision and be happy that our Symposium in Aleppo prompted the Archdiocese to publish this manuscript for the first time. - Mor Gregorios Yuhanna Ibrahim

      This Chronicle is a world history. It starts from creation and goes on until the 12th century (when its author Patriarch Michael the Great died). The 13th century polymath Bar Ebroyo used it as a source in his history. It indeed one of the most historical records of the Syriac church.

      Gorgias agreed to help in this project, but we need to raise funds for it. There is no way for us to recoup publication costs by selling the book. Only printing-and-binding will cost $25,000 to $30,000. But we are determined to do the project as community service. I hope you will also help by contributing to this project.

      All contributors will be acknowledged in the book, and will receive free copies of the book. We set up 3 levels of contribution: Silver (you get 1 free copy), Gold (you get 3 free copies), and Platinum (you get 5 free copies).

      Please help us make this historical book available for the first time in history. I appreciate it if you can take action. Go to this link to help:


      If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at gkiraz@...

      George A. Kiraz, M.St. (Oxon), M.Phil., Ph.D. (Cantab)
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